Kejriwal: People's champion or an Eyesore

Gaurav Gupte | 02-Apr-2017

Arvind Kejriwal, Chief Minister of the Aam Admi Party, led Delhi Government, a self-made a politician, a rare commodity in today’s Indian polity is complaining about the law of diminishing marginal utility. He is upset about the victimisation of his Govt and his MLAs and also about the media that is slowly turning hostile to him. He is a highly popular politician across the length and breadth of the Indian subcontinent but is seen to be losing credibility in the eyes of the people as each day passes by, What is going on? For someone who won a staggering 96% of the seats on offer in an election and then to lose the plot and become an eyesore for the very people who voted decisively for him is a stunning trend reversal.

Kejriwal: People's champion or an Eyesore

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Arvind Kejriwal is the brilliant leader, strategist of the AAP, who rose up the ranks by first understanding the nitty-gritty of governance as an IRS officer and then as an activist who ran NGOs for the marginalised masses. He then mobilised the citizenry with the India Against Corruption movement and finally decided to take the plunge into electoral politics in 2013. His descent began right then and there when he started losing many supporters, friends, well wishers and associates who wanted the movement against corruption to be continued as an activist and not as a politician. The most prominent exits were the former top cop of Delhi Kiran Bedi and the Gandhian Anna Hazare.

Why is the man hated so much?

  1. The Delhi CM is a minister without a portfolio. He is the Delhi Chief Minister, but he holds no ministry, apart from being the Chief Minister. It is his trusted aide Manish Sisodia, Deputy CM, who runs the show in Delhi, thus leaving Kejriwal to focus on building the party across the country. Manish Sisodia is the one with all the ministries, and Mr Kejriwal is actually running away from all the responsibilities of governance. Now, why would you want to be the CM if you have no intention of governing? Just one word – HYPOCRITE
  2. Nobody likes a broken record. Mr Kejriwal earlier used to blame the Congress and the Gandhi family for all that hurts our country, but suddenly his new target is Prime Minister Narendra Modi. So how does one take all the blame for all that is wrong with the country as soon as he becomes the PM? Just the AAP campaigns by asking people to give them a chance at governance, why can’t he give Modi the same opportunity? It is his first time as PM!! Before branding me as a Modi Bhakt or as a chamcha, please understand that he is the only person who was able to convince the country to give one party an absolute majority and rid it of the evils of a coalition.

Nobody is perfect and to keep criticising a person about every small thing that he does is wrong!! When a well-meaning person makes a mistake, it’s an honest mistake and not CORRUPTION. Who would have had the guts to demonetize 85% of our currency to wipe out a significant chunk of black money? Not a corrupt man!! All said and done; no one likes to keep hearing about problems, people want solutions!! That’s why we voted for your Sir!

  1. People defaming you? Welcome to politics!! Who doesn’t face problems in life? Mr Kejriwal is always crying hoarse about how the BJP is targeting his MLAs and his Government for every small thing that happens. Don’t remember him talking on behalf of any terror accused who has been held wrongly by the Delhi Police. Don’t remember him talking about how the Congress tried to frame PM Modi and BJP President Amit Shah in the Ishrat Jehan encounter despite them getting clean chits from the competent authorities.

Mr Kerjiwal, please practice what you preach! And if you think these politicians are out to get you, well, welcome to politics, where the chalice of power is poisoned!!

  1. Against corruption, but Lalu Prasad Yadav is a special friend!! We all saw this, and we all know this. The AAP chief has a soft spot for Bihar CM Nitish Kumar. It was rumoured that the AAP’s IT cell managed the Mahagathbandhan’s social media and digital presence. Kejriwal also hugged de facto CM of Bihar, Lalu Prasad Yadav, a politician convicted of corruption, at the swearing in ceremony. When your entire agitation and political party has been based on anti-corruption, helping and hugging the very person who is accused and convicted of these is making a mockery of your voters and supporters.

Despite all this doom and gloom, only the naïve would write him off. Kejriwal is a relentless fighter and has proved to be a shrewd politician. By becoming the Delhi CM in the first election and retaining that position in the very next election, he has shown that he has his ear to the ground. All media outlets churn out news articles and editorials as to how unpopular he is, but the fact remains that he has built up a party with a strong organisation in 3 short years. Getting one crore votes in your first national election is no easy task. The BJP got 13 crore votes in 2014, and the Congress bagged 11 crore votes. Imagine these one crore votes going to the Congress or the BJP and the current Lok Sabha would look drastically different. The AAP may not have won any seats in Goa in the current assembly elections, but it has managed to build a strong organisation here. It is now the second largest party in Punjab, in its first election!! These are not small achievements!!

Love him, hate him, politicians surely need to watch out for him.

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