CM Yogi's decisions shake up Uttar Pradesh

Gaurav Gupte | 03-Apr-2017

Newly appointed Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath has certainly hit the ground running! Right from selecting anti-romeo squads to banning illegal meat slaughter houses, he undoubtedly has shaken things up for entrenched players of the state. Let’s have a look at all the decisions that he has taken immediately after his swearing in ceremony.

CM Yogi decisions shake up Uttar Pradesh

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1. Shutting down all unlicensed illegal slaughterhouses all over the state. This has been a major poll promise made by the Bhartiya Janata Party while campaigning for the UP assembly elections. Uttar Pradesh is one of India’s largest meat suppliers, and thousands of people depend on this for their daily livelihood. It employs a few thousand people in each district of UP. It provides money and jobs to many marginal farmers who raise these cattle on their farms; daily wage labourers who work on the farms, shops, transport and other small businesses associated with the industry. The UP Government is shutting down only the unlicensed slaughterhouses, which has been a long-standing demand of many cattle owners as these unlicensed abattoirs survive mostly by selling cattle stolen from such farmers. With a limit on the number of slaughterhouses, there will be little incentive to steal cattle as it won’t be possible to sell all the meat quickly. However, it will be tough to execute this smoothly as many people depend on this trade for their daily bread and butter.

2. Forming anti-Romeo squads in the 11 districts surrounding Lucknow. Safety, law and order have always been a major concern in Uttar Pradesh. Women have always been at the receiving end due to the perceived softness of the UP Govt towards such incidents. Yogi Adityanath has asked these anti-Romeo squads to prevent any harassment of women. The teams will be present mainly outside schools and colleges. The squad will be made of police personnel who will be tasked with preventing any incident of sexual harassment.

3. All police stations must have one male and one female office at all times. This is being done keeping in mind the women who have voted for the BJP in large numbers.

4. All political appointees appointed by the previous state Govt have been asked to vacate their offices and official bungalows. A lot of these political appointees enjoy the privileges of a State Cabinet minister and are entitled to all the perks a cabinet minister gets. By asking them to vacate their posts, the CM has ensured that no time is wasted in undoing any decision that a person may take considering he/ she has limited time in the office.

5. A big ticket announcement is a plan for making metro trains in Meerut, Gorakhpur, Allahabad, Agra and Jhansi.

6. UP is notorious for having an underperforming bureaucracy. Yogi Adityanath has asked all offices to install biometric attendance systems in all Govt offices to ensure that all employees reach office by 10 AM. This is said to be a significant relief for citizens who have to make many trips to the Govt offices as the concerned officers are not present in the office during office hours.

7. All Govt offices will also have a CCTV to ensure that the Govt is always aware of what is happening at each office.

8. CM Adityanath has set a deadline of June 15 for concerned officials to establish a plan to make roads pothole free.

9. A citizen’s charter will be made for quick redressal of a citizen’s concern.

10. All contractors who apply for state Gov t tenders and contracts must have a clean record/ no criminal record. Any contractor with a criminal background must be replaced immediately.

11. All Govt departments to have monthly meetings with the CM regarding their progress and their status.

12. No Govt office can have any paan, gutka, paan masala or polyethene on its premises. This is in line with the Modi Government’s Swach Bharat Mission. A major reason for offices no being clean is the Paan which spits out regularly by paan eaters.

13. No Govt file can now be taken home by any official, thus preventing any important file from getting “lost” accidentally.

14. More accountability on the part of school teachers who are known to teach students while wearing T-shirts and using their phones continuously during school hours.

15. The grant that is given for the pilgrimage to Manasarovar has been increased to Rs 1 lakh from Rs 50 thousand. Also, a Manasarovar Bhavan will be constructed near New Delhi for the convenience of Bhakts.

16. Non-stop electricity to be provided during Ram Navmi, Navratri and other festivals.

17. All cabinet ministers have been asked to declare all their assets within 15 days of swearing in.

Although these policies sound great on paper, it is the execution of a policy that defines the success of a Government. Let’s keep our fingers crossed and hope that the new Govt makes Uttar Pradesh, An Uttam Pradesh.

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