Fagnum - Canvas Of Imagination

Kaushiki Jain | 05-Apr-2017

When my brain pours out creativity,
Hand dances on the tips of writing,
The ink kisses the smooth paper,
The nostalgia wreaths every pearl of

Fagnum - Canvas of Imagination

Fagnum comes to my rescue, oh Fagnum I thank you! Fagnum serves as an online platform that opens up a varied plethora of Inventive skills. Running under revered Mohammad Wasi, also a fonder of writing started this social platform a few years ago that has now reached immense viewership till date and welcomes all sorts of writers and filmmakers across the country.
If you smell art, pen it down, Fagnum is there to diffuse your aroma of aesthetic skills across the country. It touches all the genres, all the colours of writing, be it poetry, an article, a story or anything else. It even promotes competitions that showcase young talents of individuals residing in our society. It also traverses beyond any boundaries. Age bars, caste, class and even occupation doesn’t find any binding at Fagnum home, it
breaks free all such morbidities and welcomes all with open arms. 

Age says to Caste,
I wish I could go to the past;
and  ink down my brain,
Which is now old and slain….
Caste did listen in silence,
For it had witnessed a huge violence,
Some were killed in it; some were slain,
It did want to verse down its heart, in its name…
Imagination here dropped on their hands,
No lines are drawn for notions,
In the sky or lands….
Paint your canvas with wit and humour,
Mix them with elation and vigour…
But sire, where should I get such a canvas,
Of which thou speak,
Asked timid Class, sitting at a corner
Silent and meek.
Hearing which uttered Fascination once more,
I know such Canvas, that hails all,
Adores no boundaries, Age, Class or Caste,
Present, Future or The Past.
Fagnum it is called,
Its Canvas is vast; I am sure you all will be enthralled.
Merci !cried Age in elation,
Respite entered in class,
While Caste jeered,
Oh Fagnum, my Fagnum they called!!
It not only renders its services to people to the extent of  writing
but also allows story producers and short movies makers to expose
their inner skills in an audio-visual mode that takes the forms
Of short stories or movies. Yes!! You heard it right. It does work as
a big opportune for movie fascinators who love to produce short
stories or movies with a good message. 
Thus, one need not be only a writer to promote one’s writings but
those who are aspiring to show their skills in the form of movies can
Also, use their tools and technique on the very platform. Even the
starters can see it as a golden opportunity for themselves as their
good work will indeed render gravity to many imagination and
creativity thirsty eyes.
One of the unique things about the platform is that the materials
posted on it are not only based on complete writing skills but also on
The basis of their views and shares as well as likes. This feature
makes the competition more interesting, such a twist in the competition
makes it game like.
Certain other features to add feathers in its cap like Fagnum also
provides certain fun tasks such as completing incomplete lines by
adding one’s flavour. Moreover, it also bestows people with
employment facilities by providing interested people lolly against
internships of worth 3000 rupees for two months. It is in current
search of a good financer who will also be rewarded for rendering his
or her services. Skills required for such tasks are certainly not
rocket science; one just needs to have a sound knowledge of word
office, communication skills and a few accounts. 

Talking about writing or movie making contests, it awards the winners
with cash prizes that range from 1500 to 500 rupees for written
materials and 50,000 to 10,000 for filmmakers.
To end with, if you ever feel like sailing a boat in the river of
imagination, sail on. Fagnum would certainly provide flow to your
Just like the stars in the sky never end,
Oceans blue never dry,
One’s monastery of creativity never dies,
Poetry or prose, movie or muse,
Brush your strokes,
Fagnum is there to get coloured by Beauty is enchanting and sublime.

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Kaushiki Jain
Mass Communication Student at T.M.U Moradabad, fanatic writer, lover of literature, fonder of travels, poet, foodie, craves for imagination and lives on creativity.