Fagnum is a Stage for Visionary Hands

Soumya Jain | 06-Apr-2017

Fagnum is a platform to write down your faith and making your bright destiny. It is a Bangalore based company run by respected Mohammad Wasi, his passion for creating the world which is full of inspiration, enthusiasm and lots of love brought out the platform of Fagnum. People who all love to pen down their emotions and strong feelings are cordially invited to enter the world of writing. Recently Nearly about 4-8 people are running this brand of Fagnum. Fagnum often keeps on conducting the competition for writers. Interestingly, cash prizes are distributed among them. First prize is of Rs1500 and second of Rs 1250 and so on. Furthermore, Fagnum is planning for a short film in the near future. So interested populace are invited to grab the fantastic opportunity as per interest. Fagnum is a place you can burst out to indulge in the fragrance of creative writing. Exchange of thoughts, with emotion to get exposure by continuous promotions. Now your passion has become our passion leaving behind a common ground to you as a strong support. Let us come together to create that magic blow off writing all around. A writer can flow with any strong emotion of life to attract people to inspire. The inspiration undoubtedly needs to be dedicated and new thought process with a new approach to making it as courage for you. The courage of holding things would help you to hold many people emotionally to connect with them. Moreover, this time wish to make your pen as your strength and carry yourself with the badge of honour and sit on the throne among the kingdom of writers. In addition to that, your golden success would be enlightened by the fagnum’s light leading to the flourishing path. Fagnum is all ready to provide its hand to your hand to create your story. Let us join hands together to tie a strong bond with lots of passion and dedication to blow the bliss among all. Let as enhancing the beauty of writing by holding the pen by us that is inked by fagnum. Mr Wasi has taken the initiative to move in the path that should be imprinted by all the people who are delirium for following their hearts. It is good to know that fagnum provides individuals with the internship offer for the interested ones, come and grab the opportunity to upgrade your skills for your better future. You will be provided with the 3000 as a reward to encourage your talent. As we all know that market is in urgent need of Creative writers, who are dynamic in nature. It will be very effective as it has lots of scope in the growing market. If you are the starters in this field you will be the  benefited in the following area and can be hired as under:

1) In the field of a creative writer.

2) In the field of public relation.

3) In the area of advertising and marketing.

Fagnum is Stage for visionary hands

So it will open doors for the heaven, where you can enjoy the world of fantasy with your creation all around. Thus, come in the shadow of Fagnum to get embellishment of your writing. One good thing about Fagnum it does not have very hard and fast rule to follow. It is fully your page with which you can establish yourself as a writer of tomorrow. Now the need is only to take the first step forward for leading towards greater achievement.  Fagnum is waiting for you and welcomes all with an open heart. Your little bit contribution towards fagnum will return you with success of your emotions and helps you to fly high with flying colours. Moreover, it provides you with the open market to launch your product of writing by your taglines and own selling price to access the people around, adding on if you are blessed with the talent of making your stars so allow them to twinkle as bright as they can. Ultimately, the sky is all set to make stars which were hidden in the diverted path. Unveiling all your imagination by exciting pen on the chalky paper. Fagnum is all around creating buzz these days. As on my final call to the interested people all around let my voice out for your attention to the site. Few lines in the appreciation of fagnum -

It is you 
It is fagnum 
You are the creator you are maker 
Fagnum is only a stalwart supporter
It is an open book 
Left for your design to imprint
Design possesses shiny colours 
Colours that paint your eyes inside 
To see the things in different approach 
You are the Changer; You are the Believer 
You are the ultimate achiever 
By your write-ups 
Merely the Fagnum provides you incredible land to emerge. 

It is good to know that every day Fagnum gives you an opportunity to write which is published by the founder of Fagnum. On that note, he promotes those quotes. So by that, you can be on the direct touch with him too. Touch the perfection.

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