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Sheela Joby | 07-Apr-2017

Twelve years back it was like a dream to become a perfect writer I started writing online. When, the online writing was not a very popular concept, especially in India. It was very much there prevailing in other parts of the world, but in India people were not much aware of this. Today, as we can see, it is just the opposite. People participate a lot in online writing of all types. Right from my childhood, I used to write like others for Magazines, Contests and newspaper, etc. As far as my coming into writing for fagnum means connecting with a large number of people in just one go and spreading the message of love, hope, faith and happiness. Peace in my soul enters through writing and writing runs in my veins. How can I resist from writing on the Fagnum, which has become a bright hope for many budding writers?

Writing my heart out 

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About fagnum, we have a lot to know. In the barren desert of grief, frustration and anger, Fagnum serves as an oasis that provides comfort and peace in the form of opportunities and cash prizes in the writing and movies making contests. The happiness is natural which comes to every writer when he or she is published in any magazine or online magazine. But writing on fagnum can take you far that you can’t imagine. I have been writing and getting my works published since my childhood, but working with Fagnum gave a boost to my writing and of course to my popularity as an already established writer. With the writing contests coming my way from the Fagnum, I always have a big plan to interact vibrantly with my readers. 

What is Fagnum?

Well, Fagnum is a content marketing and publishing platform that supports all writers who have been into writing and those who are struggling to become established writers. It also helps the filmmaking aspirants by providing them with the platform through short movie making contests or video competitions. For the writing part as well, they have the writing contests every month. The owners of Fagnum have accomplished many projects in the past year, and for the future, they have planned new projects, like the posting of short films which would make by budding filmmakers. Due to its content publishing platform, Fagnum has attracted not only the aspiring writers and filmmakers, but even the business houses want to get associated with it; as it is going to provide them with the right platform where accurate and useful content can be published. So the businesses will also prosper with the increasing popularity and prosperity of Fagnum and the writers. In all, Fagnum is the best stage and opportunity that could have even occurred on the internet. 

Fagnum Article Writing Contest

I had been writing before coming across fagnum. Of course, writing for more than 12 years gave me a long and beautiful experience which contributed in beautifying the articles written by me on the fagnum. Coming to Fagnum, my first write up on Fagnum was “Dining in Cells of Hell.” After that, I went on writing for the writing contests of fagnum. And to my great surprise, I bag a prize every month. The thing that attracted me the most was the Logo which has a smiling, positive face on it.

Writing for Fagnum’s writing contests means to ensure that a large audience gets to know the ideal things in life which up till now they have been missing. Through reading good things, good stories and articles, one gets energised. I always focus on writing such things that benefit people. I have found this spirit of work in Fagnum. The dedication of a very talented hard working management team of fagnum is behind the success of this website. Fagnum works on the same line for benefiting people through good deeds as well as by encouraging others also to do good deeds. It is a blessing to have such friendly website like Fagnum in this age, where people work only for their self-interests.

Now the question for the readers is, what does Fagnum provide?

Well, Fagnum provides people with equal opportunities. As there is no difference between an established writer and a budding writer when it comes to writing for Fagnum’s writing contest. People have abundant material to write about, an ocean of emotions is swelled up when the new writing contests are announced. Fagnum always encourages the writing all around the world to express themselves through their words in the form of prose, poem and even through short video films.

Fagnum Short Movie Making Contest

The most interesting thing at the Fagnum is the video and short movie making contests, which are held every month and provide a platform for the budding filmmakers and those who wish to step into the field of filmmaking. The winners are awarded a cash prize of 50,000 INR for the first position; 30,000 for the second position; while 20,000 INR for the third position. Similarly, for the writing contests, the winners are given cash prizes. But in the writing contest, Prizes are awarded up to the 15th rank holder. From 9th to 15th position 300 rupee cash prize is given. From 4th to 8th position, 500 rupee cash prize is given. For the third position, it is 750 rupees, while for the second and the first positions it is 1250 and 1500 rupees respectively. 

Why should you write?

If you are an established writer, then you do not need “any reason” to write. But if you are new to the writing world and also wants to earn name then you should write to secure the position of one of the best writers in the world. When your wrath of anger bursts out in any form, give it the right direction. Writing is one such right direction, while there many other forms. Filmmaking is a vital part of expressing your emotions and channelling your energy into a productive field.

How is Fagnum helping?

Fagnum is supporting not only the content writers, the budding writers and the aspiring filmmakers, but it is also giving a spurt to the established as well as the growing businesses to make progress through sponsoring the contests of the Fagnum. The brands of the different companies will get publicised through these sponsorships and also the writers will be able to catch hold of the golden opportunities of writing on a big writing platform. 
Bridge the gap between you and your fans by participating in the writings and film makings of Fagnum. Bring out your highest potential by expressing your feelings through your invaluable writings. Your zeal to write and live your life your way is just distance. Grab it !!

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