Create whatever you want, Fagnum will publish it.

Aakanksha Jain | 08-Apr-2017

When a person is asked about what they want to do, most probably, the answer is entirely different from the work they do in their lives. Everyone intends to get a reputed job related to the academic fields, whether due to family pressure or because of low earnings in their desired career. Society and lesser exposure can be other reasons as well. But why to choose other fields when you are getting an opportunity to showcase all types of your hidden talent only on a single platform?

Create whatever u want, Fagnum will publish

Fagnum is such a platform where you can show your creative writing, acting, directing, artistic and other skills and capabilities in a small input along with continuing your professional work. Do whatever you want to, and fagnum will publish it. 

The list doesn't end here. As I said, fagnum publishes whatever you have. So, you also get to see the work of other people. And they are FREE! It provides you with the opportunity to interact with those people who got their content published and use their talent in the way you can.

Here, I am listing down the opportunities or works you can do in collaboration with fagnum and even earn money or have a chance to win generous rewards.

1. Article Writing Contest:-

Fagnum comes up with an article writing contest each month in which you have to write an article or story on the theme provided by the site. To maintain the creativity of writers, it doesn't restrict them from writing on their topics, but those who write on the provided theme are benefitted with some extra critics points. If the length of the article is more than seven hundred words, 200 points are rewarded in the critic's section. It also provides an opportunity to earn 100 points by promoting the provided URL. You also get 50 points for referring a blogger or writer. It judges the winners by the number of page views and average time spent by the reader. Winners are rewarded with cash prizes at the end of the contest.

2. Short Movie Making Contest:-

It is a contest in which having a thought of participating alone might seem impractical. You need a team here. You can show your acting, editing, dancing, directing, script writing and many other skills which are required to complete the making of a movie. You can make a short film on any concept of your choice. Here, the winners are judged by the number of YouTube views and time spent on watching the video, once it is uploaded on Fagnum's YouTube channel. The cash prizes offered here are way larger than those offered in article writing contest. So, it is easy to distribute the amount to every contributor in case you win the contest.

3. Promote YouTube Channel Contest:-

In this contest, you have to get your best video published on Fagnum's YouTube channel and reach out to the audience, i.e., popularise your video. The cash prize offered for this contest is 2000 INR.

In the month of May, bloggers will be invited to browse through those videos and promote it over the social media. The bloggers will promote and popularise the YouTube channel of Vloggers and interview them. The last date to enter into the competition is 30th April 2017.

Hence, you would be getting a cash prize and promotion of your YouTube channel and video as well!

4. Internship for Fagnum:-

If you are available between 1st April to 15th May for one month and are pursuing any UG/PG degree from any stream, then you can apply for the internship program of Fagnum. If you get selected, you will have to find a finance partner for fagnum to co-host the June month's short video making contest. Besides that, you have to study the specifications required by the digital marketing and spread the word about short video making contest across colleges and amongst Vloggers. The number of internships available is 4. Work hours of the internship are flexible. If the intern succeeds in finding a correct sponsor, they will get 20% of the sponsored amount along with a certificate and due recognition by Fagnum. If they manage to get movies for the YouTube channel of Fagnum, they will be awarded 200 INR per movie submission. 3000 INR per month will be paid as a stipend. You can apply for the internship at or send your resume to

5. Sponsorship for Fagnum:-

In case you are already running a business and are not interested in any of the above opportunities, Fagnum still holds up with something for you. You can promote your business over Fagnum by sponsoring it with a minimal amount of 25K to 100K. Fagnum will organise an article-writing contest taking your business as the theme. The best part is that the article will remain live on the website even after the competition has ended. The article once published is never taken aback. Also, your business will be promoted as the writers will promote their articles to gain page views. They will receive views, and your business will receive recognition. So, try on!

Even if you don't own a business, you can refer someone else to sponsor Fagnum, and still, you will get 20%  of the sponsored amount.

So, what are you waiting for? Just apply with whatever talent you have.

Or if you are not interested in any of the above, still Fagnum is a great platform to provide you with all types of useful and entertaining stories, articles and videos.

Fagnum also owns an FB page where writers get an opportunity to post their quotes and other write-ups. You can check and like that page as well.

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