Story of the Storyteller - Fagnum

Pradeepto Sarkar | 09-Apr-2017

"Let's talk about this cool and unique platform, on which you are reading this article, that is Fagnum. So what is Fagnum I ask..... Some would say it is a source of their daily dose of love quotes and poems while others appreciate it for its gripping and moving articles,  all of it contributed by Fagnum's esteemed readers and writers. Keeping all this aside, I find Fagnum a colloquial amalgamation of fantasies, thoughts and emotions all wrapped up in one single platform. Here we have writers,  bloggers, techies, economists and even chefs sharing their piece of knowledge and gaining much more in return from its audience. This is exactly how knowledge streams should work out. Fagnum has been here for quite a while now, so let's assess what it brings for us and what we can expect in future.

Story of the Storyteller - Fagnum

Firstly, Fagnum is an open source platform much like Wikipedia and Quora. So you can submit your opinions with ease and simplicity. This particular aspect will propel Fagnum to greater heights in the near future since transparency and ease of participation are crucial factors for the growth of community-driven platforms. Much is in store for Fagnum in this regard.

Moving on, another understanding of mine reveals that Fagnum has correctly identified its core consumer (or reader) that is the youth of India. Peculiarly the youth of India is very much scattered. On the one hand, it is treated as the future in which India is assumed to become a superpower. On the other hand, today's youth finds itself as lost and directionless as anything. Fagnum has, and I hope it will serve to this young and energetic (and moody) audience with the ever - enthusiastic nature Fagnum currently thrives on.

Secondly, What is the core objective of Fagnum? 

Well, it regards itself as a user-contributed content publishing platform which combines knowledge and advertising on a single packet. Now, this is a dead serious combination because in India it has never been done on a scale on which Fagnum aspires it to be done. So here we have an advertising agency as well which takes my ads to so many knowledgeable folks. Now which business would want to miss out on Fagnum's audiences. The right targeting and assessment can perform miracles even in this competitive age, and I am sure Fagnum is on the right track.

Surging ahead,  now think what all is Fagnum giving you in return. Well, it's platform ensures you get what you desire. If you are a writer, you can publish your work. If you are a blogger, you can utilise Fagnum and achieve amazing results for your hard work. If you run a startup then fagnum is there for you to take your vision to the larger than ever and floating consumer base and nevertheless if you are a reader, you are the luckiest to have found out this site as you get a universe of feelings and emotions served to you on a platter to enjoy.  So go ahead and make the most of it.

Last but not the least what is Fagnum doing for the society. The answer to that lies in the very fact that you are reading this article on the site and have probably spent 3-4 minutes and you may even desire to view some other writings as well. This user experience and knowledge sharing combined with smart marketing are what Fagnum is striving hard for. It has successfully created a community which logs in daily or hourly to get hold of some beautiful and impressive work of literature and all this amidst their hectic urban lives. The immense contributions Fagnum is making translates into such reader - following.

That is the most beautiful result Fagnum could have achieved. That is to give a few minutes of peace and a sense of calm which rejuvenates an individual to return to his work with even more energy and enthusiasm.

In conclusion, I would say the Fagnum platform has the resources and potential to fire up the imagination of the masses, and we all know what imaginations by themselves can achieve if they are pursued in the holiest of spirits.

Kudos to team Fagnum!  Keep it up! "

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