5 Reasons Why MobiOcean Should Be Your Enterprise Mobility management solution

Nitin Arora | 11-Apr-2017

Using mobile technology in the best possible way is now crucial for every business. To allow companies to make the best use of advanced mobile technology, there are now EMM solutions from several service providers. Out of all the available options, MobiOcean is one of the most popular. In this post, we’ll have a look at five reasons which make MobiOcean mobility management solution one of the best for businesses. 

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Mobile technology now has its influence on all the major business operations. Increasing number of firms now heavily rely on mobile solutions to keep up with their daily activities. To allow companies to make the best use of the latest in mobile technology, there are now EMM (Enterprise Mobility Management) solutions offered by several service providers. 
MobiOcean with a host of advanced features is one of the most popular choices for businesses looking for EMM solution. Let us have a look at five reasons which make MobiOcean mobile management for enterprise ideal for businesses. 

1. Advanced Android management
MobiOcean has collaborated with several OEM manufacturers to make sure that the features and security of their mobile management solution are compatible with the latest of Android devices. Along with Android, the solutions offered by the company provide security and management for all the past and present Android devices. One of the most beneficial features of MobiOcean management solution is that it can be used for managing several devices, like smartphones, tablets, etc. through the same profile.

2. Instant IOS support
Apple devices come with a host of features exclusively designed for enterprises. Their APIs are management-friendly, and all the EMM vendors can access them. This means that MobiOcean can offer same-day support for the latest versions of iOS as and when they are released. Moreover, the iOS SDK of the MobiOcean mobility management solution allows the building of enterprise applications while remotely viewing the app when it is running.

3. Remote Control
Managing a mobile workforce can be tough at times. If a user has some problem related to the application or device, they need to work with the IT department over the phone or bring the device back to the office to resolve the issue. However, the remote control feature of MobiOcean management solution allows the IT staff to communicate, diagnose and fix the problem remotely.

4. Corporate Content
The mobile workforce also needs quick access to corporate content anywhere and anytime. MobiOcean ensures that the businesses can efficiently manage their corporate content and share the same easily with the remote employees. It has a host of features integrated into its mobility management solution to ensure enhanced convenience. 

5. Windows Support
As MobiOcean has been in the industry for long, with time they have evolved to deliver the best support for every new version of Windows, be it Windows Phone, Windows Embedded or Windows Mobile and even the latest Windows 10. The company is well-known for its Windows support and is sure to provide you with the best in every possible way. 

These are some of the reasons that make MobiOcean EMM an excellent choice for every small and large business. Moreover, the company also offer custom solutions as per the special needs of the clients.

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