Maturation of Baby Writers by Fagnum

Hardi Patel | 13-Apr-2017

Once, I emailed Fagnum for queries related to submission of my write-ups. I was a newbie and was writing on a writing app from where I came to know about Fagnum. I was not hoping for any reply; as most of the writing platforms don't respond unless you are a famous writer or "a writer with benefits". Well let me clear, I was not engaged in either of the categories. But seriously I felt like a "celebrity" when I got a reply on the very next day. An answer from such a huge platform in twenty-four hours, such a stardom. It was very friendly as well as professional text; able to soothe as well as motivate. That mail is still "starred" in my mailbox.

Maturation of Baby Writers By Fagnum

Let's talk about this page which is meant to be nectar for newbies like me! As we all know, this is a very well known platform for content publishing and content marketing. The outstanding and extraordinary team containing approximately four to five people are core behind the Fagnum. They not only support writers and filmmakers but also promotes start-ups, stand-up comedians, dancers, singers, poets and many other forms of art. They also have their YouTube channel. (Thank me later for the advertisement guys.) They have started "Fagnum" as a backlink selling website, and after many suggestions, they began article writing contests, and now they have been a huge attraction for content owners and content creators.

From the day one, I was very curious about the name "Fagnum". I mean "Why this name?" I thought they must have chosen it in the reminiscence of Ex-girlfriend or someone who is "Ex" now. But no, my stupid thought turned out to be completely wrong. They were looking for the name which has no extra letters and something along the lines of Google, Facebook, Apple. They got the name "Magnum" and turned it to "Fagnum". This extraordinary word; meaning rejoice and celebration; as the logo suggests.

I sincerely respect this whole platform and people who run it; this is truly a big responsibility and a difficult task which they handle smoothly. Plus gives a push to lazy people like me by offering price money. In fact despite reaching this much height of popularity; their main attribute is their politeness and kindness. I contacted the guy from the administration of "Fagnum" for details related to article writing contest and to my frantic surprise he calmly gave answers to my stupid questions. It is said that great people tend to be lighter as their value increases; as the currency notes are lighter than that of the coins; this is true in your case; Mr Mohd Wasi, thank you for helping me and tolerating my questions without being restless. Thank you Fagnum for this kind-hearted opportunity.

So guys, if you are an introvert like me and always have a phobia of talking with people or you consider yourself an underdog; you should try this platform. I can take guarantee they will not be rude, they will not judge, they will not boast about themselves, they will just welcome you.

Fagnum helped me to break the thousand years old layers of procrastination and laziness. I believe writers always seek for one thing and that is "attention". Yes attention; not upon themselves but their write-ups. Nil attention causes a "tension". I mean we all need people to notice our write-ups. Because it represents ourselves, our hearts, our mind, our soul and what we are, what we do. It is a golden escape for us. For some people like me, maybe it is the only skill they can show off. But when it comes to the surface, we all are left with one question, and that is how to show off? How to put yourself in front of this world? How to survive the deadly attacks of identity crisis? Yes, we all have these questions; especially "the baby writers" like me. (Ok let's replace "budding writers" with "baby writers"; it sounds cute and pampering.) Fagnum is the solution for all these hyper contusive as well as traumatic questions. Not only the writers but also the artists like filmmakers, dancers, YouTubers, singers needs attention; That is what provided by Fagnum attracts all of us.

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