Fagnum as a platform

Ranjana Nawani | 14-Apr-2017

Fagnum is full of diversity like our country India.

The best way to express yourself is through your writings according to me, and for this purpose, I loved one platform that is FAGNUM.

Fagnum is the best platform for the creative souls like me. It is Bangalore based company owned by Mr Mohammad Wasi.

Fagnum as a platform

The best thing about fagnum is that you can send them your write-ups, poetry, short stories, dance videos and short movies and any creative work as well.

No matter you write in Hindi, English and even in any regional language. The Admins of fagnum will appreciate it and will reply you soon and will publish it on their website and will inform you that your writing is published.

I find these people very helpful they don’t demand a certain type of writings from you because I think they know words and emotions flow better without any constraints and every person pour their emotions differently.

I love Fagnum even more because daily I read something new on their website, like short stories and articles too.

It motivates me to write something which is beautiful and meaningful too.

There are many writing pages in social media usually many of them only accept writings only if they are in English which is quite upsetting for me because I write well in my mother tongue in comparison to English, but this rule is not followed in fagnum.

Fagnum is connecting different creative souls together. This is the best platform for poets, writers, filmmakers and bloggers too

Fagnum not only publishes your work but appreciate your efforts by organising different article writing or filmmaking contest with cash prize every month which any other website don’t do. It boosts me as a person to write something beautiful to push myself to write more.

Fagnum has given me a platform where I write, and people read it. It is excellent for an aspiring writer like me who want a valid suggestion or appreciation from his readers.

I don’t think if you are a part of fagnum whether you just as a reader or an aspiring writer or connected with fagnum in any other form.

Once you started sending them your work you will never leave them.

I would like to share my experience about fagnum.

When I just liked their facebook page I was a little bit of a dilemma should I send them my Hindi write-up or not, will they like it will respond to it or not?

But I send them my write-up, and I am proud of my decision now

And it’s been three to four months now I keep sending my writings to them on a regular basis.

For a writer, his poetry or quotes are precious to him, and he/she sends it only to them whom he/she finds trustworthy, and Fagnum has gained my trust.

Fagnum has given many aspiring writers, poets and artist a place to pour their emotions without any restrictions.

If you are not a writer, just a reader and you want to read something good on a daily basis believe me fagnum is for you too.

Fagnum for me is not just a website but is a bunch of creative people who experiment with their skills and produce something beautiful.

Fagnum is also giving opportunities to us to work with them as an intern, and the salary is quite good.

With coming time I think Fagnum will become more loved platform because the way they are boosting creative souls and giving them the opportunity is commendable.

We live in a world where a doctor, engineers are appreciated they are ideal jobs according to parents but we forget that these professions don’t soothe your pain or give you peace after hectic day but creative souls can do that with their poetry and music. We all love listening music, is that made up by any doctor?

No, it is created by a creative person.

I feel that the work fagnum is doing for creative souls another website should learn something from them or should follow their footsteps and make this world a better place for creative souls.

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She is doing masters in history, belongs to Uttrakhand. She is a big foodie, music lover and bookaholic. I have a deep passion for writing; it gives me some peace and I want to touch every soul with my writings.