Fagnum - Journey to Dreams

Nida Saqib | 19-Apr-2017

Dear Diary,

You know I got the platform to showcase my passion for writing. "Fagnum" is the name of that platform. This place has encouraged me to improve, improve to be better than I was yesterday. It helped me recognise my capability to bring change around me through my words. It helped me understand where I lacked behind in words. It has encouraged so many of the budding writers including me. It does not support writers only; it also boosts filmmaker and all type of arts. Art is something we need in every individual in our society. People spend their free thoughts and time to create jokes on people by their body difference. But if they will indulge same energy into their passion, it will bring a sense of peace to them together with the society. Through art, anyone can share his or her feelings and thoughts with the people of similar fascination. Fagnum provides us with that platform through which we can reach to individuals who are fascinated with reading. I feel amazing to know that there are people who feel connected to my words, who associate with my thoughts. It provides a sense of satisfaction to know that you can connect to your audience through just words and no personal contact.

Fagnum - Journey to Dreams

It provides equal opportunities to everyone with all sort of creativity to present their talent and get promoted across all social media platforms. You know Fagnum organise monthly article writing contest and short filmmaking competition to enhance the skills of starters. And the best part of these contest is that there are more than two or three winners. They encourage winners by certificate and prize money. Fagnum is doing a great job by providing different opportunities to the greenhorns.

This platform welcomes everyone with open hands with all love they have. The owner of such big platform "Mr Mohammad Wasi" takes out time from his busy schedule to help you about any confusion. He never leaves someone stuck in the rattrap of confusion; he tries his best to get the things clear. Every time I was confused, he tried his best to get my facts clear. He has done hard work to set up this big graceful empire with brilliant artists. He always encourages everyone to do what fantasies you. And for working on your hobby, the first thing you need is a proper encouragement.

In a country like India, where parents of today's youth are very seriously attracted towards the career option as doctors and engineers, it is tough to pursue your dream, but Fagnum provides you with that opportunity without forcing you to give up on your parent's dream career. Opportunity to work on your passion and explore it together with exhibiting it around the world. You just need to take out some time from your busy schedule to prepare your art to be presented. As you will send it to the page, it will get published within some time. You can exhibit all type of arts like writing, singing, dancing, etc. It is not confined to one thing. It is the small world of classic imagination in different forms.

Because of this place, I get to explore my capabilities in writing skill. At times I use to find myself stuck in my thoughts but now I have to learn to come out of such hurdles and sort out the thoughts penning down them. At first, I use to write only, when I use to feel deep and thus wanted to let it out, but now I can write about many more things which can bring change around. Now I try to explore my creativity and imagination to pen it down. And to my surprise, there are things which I never thought I would be able to write but I did. Now I find it much easier to pen down my thoughts and picture that get trapped in my head than before; I have accepted writing as my passion and just hobby, All this could only happen because of Fagnum. I want to thank Fagnum for all the support and encouragement. But for now Diary! You must sleep, it's been long since you are listening to me. Good night.

Your pubescent writer

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