Feedback Please

Rajshree Das | 20-Apr-2017

“Feedback Please”


“Very nice, great work.”

“Very useful.”

“Thanks, Dear J”

“Great Work” ??

“Thanks, Friends”

This is our mother’s group, of my daughter’s school, using WhatsApp as a hotline. We share a lot. From day to day life to the problem’s that kids’ face in the school. Why the school bus was late or which area the bus took the most time to pick up and drop? Before the school admin finds the reason, we knew it well in advance. Because we shared a lot! We helped each other in installing and updating school apps, checking out recipes for kids’ lunch boxes (whatever given comes home as it is), matching the activities done in every section, got feedback for our creations, to checking the syllabus covered, if the kid is on leave. Even if we are out of station for a week, we get detailed reports of school. The school issues become viral in no time; one can easily receive a minimum of 200 messages with many suggestions. Because we shared a lot!!!

Feedback Please

In our group, we have some exotic and talented mothers. Baker, painter, fashion designer, writer, singer, dancer and much more. Mothers can wear any hat for their kids, but they were the best in their fields.

Payal Das is a writer, who posted the link to her awesome article for our delight. The article was on lifestyle and posted in the “Fagnum”. I read her interesting article and couple of other articles posted thereon.

Fagnum is a multi-topic blog space, and anyone can post their views or life experiences there. The authors weren’t only the regular writers; I found students, housewives, bloggers, and people with regular jobs sharing their stories.

Being any other person, I would have just read the article and left the blog. But being an avid reader and same time working for an SEO company, I found the blog interesting. In most of the multi-niche blogs, they had 5-6 writers, who wrote on different topics regularly and no external content allowed. Sometimes there would be guest authors, but the article has to match their theme, and most of the time they are paid blogs. For people reading your article, you have to pay them.

But Fagnum is like “Aam Janta Blog”.

“For the Readers, by the Writers”. People from every aspect of life are finding a platform to share their hearts.

Being working for an SEO company, we were constantly in search of blogs, where we can post articles for our projects. I showed the blog to my boss, and our content writer, both of them liked it and told us to go for it, for our projects. My boss said, “It’s an excellent blog, go for it.”

Then I contacted Payal on how to post an article in Fagnum and whether it is free or paid. She helped me out instantly and gave me an e-mail ID and contact number and said it’s free. I passed on these details to our content writer and asked him to contact Fagnum.

I don’t know what happened, might be the content writer was too busy with other projects, as even after two weeks an article wasn’t posted in Fagnum. Then suddenly on the 3rd week, the boss told me to post an article in Fagnum and I contacted Mr Mohammad Wasi, the owner and founder of Fagnum.

And that’s how my association with Fagnum started, and I got my author’s cap.

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