Fertiliser/Soil, water for growing seeds

Shraddha Jain | 20-Apr-2017

'Fagnum', It is not just a website which publishes the story, blogs or articles of writers and newcomers. It is a platform which gives the freedom to the writers to write anything from their heart, from their soul not from their mind only what everybody is doing in the present practical world.

Last month in March 2017, I came to know about fagnum. The website organises article, short story writing competition for youth writers. I read about this on Facebook. My friend shared its post with me. Then I liked fagnum's official Facebook page and surfed on their website too. That time because of some personal reasons I was lost the chance to publish my article but this time I have decided to write something for 'fagnum'. When I surfed more on it, I felt more familiar. It is the only website which coloured my dreams, 'my black and white dreams'. Because here I can publish my thoughts without any hurdles, without any unnecessary restrictions. My words which had limited access to my room in my notebook only.

Fertiliser/Soil, water for growing seeds

I think 'fagnum' works as fertiliser for new writers like me. It helps new plants and seeds to grow in their creative world. As the plants get sunlight, water and nutrients from the soil and then after it becomes a large tree similarly fagnum gives courage under its guidance to little shrubs to become a fruitful tree. 

'Fagnum' is a website which provides a platform to the newcomers for developing skills and many more things in their mind. There is freedom to write in any language like as Hindi, English, Urdu, etc. So, I like fagnum website very much for content writing. There are so many content writing websites, but I prefer fagnum because of these reasons. So, I also advise to other content writers that they should use fagnum for content writing. 

We all have some hidden talent inside us, but everybody doesn't get the golden opportunity to exhibit their skills, their qualities in front of the world in this throat era. 

The only need which is always felt was such kind of medium which can provide pen and paper to writers to express their emotions and feelings, but now this deficit gap has been fulfilled by fagnum. It is the stage where not only we can publish our views but also can get a review as our feedback to polish our talent and sharpen our skills. 

It gives its space to innovative minds to left their voice in the form of words without any fear and hesitation. The thoughts which are hidden within them inside their hearts, their soul. Fagnum provides such platform to writers. It gives encouragement to showcase the talent & skills through their type of competitions. It motivate us through appreciation and awards & rewards. Fagnum works as patron to nurture our calibre.
For me, Fagnum is just like as
F - Freedom
A - Access
G - Gives
N - Nourishment to
U - Unique
M - Minds

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About the Author
Shraddha Jain
She is an emotional person and very introvert so express her feeling through words. She wrote many poems & articles too on various social issues. She participated in Google's articulus article competition too. Nowadays trying to write a story for a novel.