Platform for expressing all my unseen emotions - Fagnum

Siddharth Sharma | 21-Apr-2017

One of the most difficult parts of any writer’s life is to show their emotions without words. All we need is a platform to write our heart out and share what we are in reality through our words. Many of the beginner writers don’t know how to find great platforms to write or share their emotions. Well, it’s no longer a case for me at least. I participated in the 7th Article writing contest by Fagnum and luckily won the first prize too. For me, it was much more than just winning the prize money. My writing style could be loved by some or could not be, but I always focus on how to add emotions to my words. When I posted my first article (Going through the toughest days of my life) on Fagnum, I was never expecting that it would reach so many readers and relate with them too. I still have screenshots of the readers who loved my article. The feeling of getting loved by the readers is much more valuable and powerful than any prize money. I am requesting to all of you that if you’re going through the bad days of your life or you have any story that you want to share with the public, Fagnum is there for you.

Platform for expressing all my unseen emotions - Fagnum

Life is not complicated, we’ve made it. We all have our stories, struggles, weaknesses, happy moments and emotions, but the most significant thing is how to show it to the public. You may depress readers by writing something too depressing, but at the same time, you can motivate them through your story as well. Writers know very well how to play with words and make it an impactful story. You must be thinking that if you are not a writer, then how you will you be able to play with words and all but there’s nothing to be worried about it. You will have your very own advantages like a non-writer can write a story with such rawness that no writer can come close to it.

Fagnum was a great platform for me to write not only because I was assured that they would publish my article, but also because I could experiment with my writing style without any boundary. For any writer, it is crucial to write liberally and relate to the readers and what I believe is that it’s arduous (Tough) for any writer to touch the emotions of the readers. I have just started my career in the writing and don’t know about my future in it. But I can surely give advice to all those who want to pen down their emotions that you must not follow any particular style of writing ever. Just write in a simple manner and when you feel that you can experiment with your writing style, then try out new styles with little care. However, always make sure that your work is easy to understand for the readers.

For me, my readers are everything. They are not only going to read my work but also have some expectations from me, which could be tricky for some and responsibility for some (2nd option for me). So always put your heart into what you are writing and never underestimate your story and emotions. I want to say a big thank you to Fagnum for providing me with a stage to perform on which I only dreamt of. To all the writers, I just want to say one thing, which may not improve or change your writing style, but definitely, help you stay rooted with yourself and that is “You should follow only one attitude, and that’s Gratitude”.

Talking about the platform that helped me in winning my very first prize, Fagnum is not just a place where you can show your creativity like writing, direction, acting and other skills, but also can make yourself well-known. This Bangalore-based company is owned by Mr Mohammad Wasi and let me tell you that he’s the perfect guy for this job. He’s the driver of Fagnum who treats everyone equally and keeps the transparency in the contests. I was in a dilemma that whether I should write about my personal life or not (i.e. Going through the Toughest days of my life), but Wasi sir encouraged me and helped me in the entire process. I just want to say to all of you that Fagnum is a great platform to show your creativity. Have a smile on your face and express your creativity through Fagnum.

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