Fagnum - Place of Creativity

Kaustav Banerjee | 22-Apr-2017

Whenever anyone hears the name Fagnum, they ask what Fagnum is? So, I would like to start by introducing Fagnum. It is a content marketing startup where everyone can showcase their skills. The skills can be regarding content writing, marketing, sales, filmmakers and videographers. Fagnum organises various contests which are free of cost so that anyone can participate and showcase their hidden talent.

Fagnum - Place of Creativity

Fagnum never declares any single winner rather they have multiple winners and each one of them gets awarded. The winners are given certificates and prize money. They have a fair judgement on the winners, and they have a system in place which doesn’t allow humans to declare a winner rather an artificial intelligence kind of thing is there. Fagnum promotes their people in every possible social media sites and makes them famous under the brand of Fagnum.

Fagnum doesn’t consider sponsors for money making but rather the partners are together for every work they do. This is the best part about Fagnum as they are a marketing start-up. They do this by organising contests in which new raw talents are presented every year. To show the new ideas or websites etc. one should choose Fagnum as their platform.

Short Video Making Contest Fagnum

Fagnum is organising a short video contest starting from 1st June 2017 and last until 25th June 2017. The prize money for the 1st position is Rs. 50,000, 2nd position Rs. 30,000, 3rd position Rs. 20,000. The video that is being sent should be creative and also in the interest field of the maker. Each video should have Fagnum as the opening so that the video is eligible. The videos that are submitted are owned by Fagnum only. The language used can be both Hindi and English. The video made should be more than 2 minutes long but less than 25 minutes. Each video provided will be given a separate page on fagnum so that they can share on social networking websites. Each video that is selected will be judged, and if all the criteria are passed, then it will be uploaded to YouTube channel. Each video viewed is given one point. Critics point is also given and maximum time spend on the video is also given points.

Now coming to Fagnum’s YouTube video contest. The interested people will have to submit the videos before 3oth April 2017.

Promote Contest Fagnum

The winner of this contest will get prize money of Rs 2,000.

These days Vloggers are all over the web. This is the contest for Vloggers who are interested in showing how much talented they are.

They have to choose among various videos, and only one video has to be posted which they think that is the best. After sharing with Fagnum, they can share the link on various social networking sites so that more people can view and they will get points. The video that garnered the most attention and promotion will be declared a winner. Only original work is accepted, and there should be no plagiarism.

Videos should avoid offensive content, child abuse or as a matter of fact any violence should be prevented in the videos. They can be entertaining videos, skills videos or day to day basis work video.

Now, coming to the article writing contest organised by Fagnum which starts from 4th April 2017 and ends on 28th April 2017.

Fagnum Article Writing Contest

A prize money of 1500 will be awarded to the first rank.

A prize money of 1200 will be awarded to the second rank.

A prize money of 750 will be awarded to the third rank.

From 4th to 8th position, the prize money is INR 500.

From 9th to 12thposition, the prize money is INR 300.

From 13th to 15th position, the prize money is INR 300.

The theme for this competition is about FAGNUM. The contestants have to write about Fagnum so that it reached to a wider range of people and many people get to know about it. The article that will have the maximum points at the end of the contest is the winner.

Points are awarded according to following criteria:-

  1. For every viewing of the article by the people, the candidate is given one point.
  2. Critics reading also give points, and a maximum of 500 points can be earned here. It depends on the average time spent by the reader to read the article.
  3. 50 points given to those who refer to any writer on Fagnum. At most two writers can be referred.
  4. The length of the article should be greater than 500 words. If the length is more than 700 words, then extra 200 points will be given.
  5. If the average reading time is less than 2 minutes than prize money is not awarded.
  6. If the article is based on the theme provided then extra 100 points are given.

Since we know almost everything about Fagnum, so we should apply here and showcase talents and make our name in the world.

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