Fagnum - The superhero in making!

Saurabh Kumar | 24-Apr-2017

When you grow, I mean when you're not a kid anymore then you have to be good in your mainstream subjects because that will get you a good college, a good college will get you a better job, and a better job will lead you a better life. But for all that you've to be 'good' in your mainstream subjects, right? But I wasn't that good in Physics, Chemistry or Maths either unlike many of my classmates. I am always fond of literature. I mean the words, the way of express your feelings and emotions has always lured me. No matter what, apart from my course books I always got time to listen and read literature. An ocean of words waving my heart was penned down first when I was in high school. Because when you love something so much, you put different efforts to get into that thing. And penning down the feelings I hold is the best way to express my love for literature. Like every other beginner, my piece was awful but meaningful.

Fagnum - The superhero in making

Friends are real fuckers and it will not hard to guess they are the one who encouraged me to write because the 'out of the box' ideas, compelling content and sarcastic sentences were something they fascinated in my writings

When some of my mates, one of my teacher, cousins and few online friends read my work, they were impressed by the style of writing, and that was the start up of my dream to be known as a writer.

I was not that good at academics and sports or any other extra curriculum activities. Honestly, I never was, and after being praised for my penmanship, I felt so good about me. I mean obviously, when you see people around you are doing good in another field than studies as well and you are doing nothing but applauding them then you feel like you're a piece of shit. And after a long time when I was praised not for being average at the study but end well at doing wonders with a pen then it made me fall for myself, and I'll ask you a question here, "Who is a better person than you to you to fall for?" Well, keep thinking. 

This passion,  interest or hobby whatever you name it, doesn't matter, as I find my dream in that.

When I began to spend a bit more of time to improve my writing skills, this change wasn't accepted by my parents for sure. It's hard to make them understand your point because nowadays scope is overrated over talents. Isn't it?

I was depressed, for my one and only interest wasn't encouraged. However, I kept reading and writing in my spare time to maintain the grammar and vocabulary and my love alive. 

Just like some other day I was scrolling Facebook and going through my newsfeed,  I saw a Facebook page 'Fagnum' organising a writing contest. I didn't know much about that, but somehow I wrote a piece and emailed(as the instruction said) at care@fagnum.com. 

I was least expected that it would even be entertained. But it didn't earn good response only, but I secured a good rank and won a cash prize too. Annndddd, that's when the writer inside me got a boost (the secret of my writing).

I then participated in some of more contest, and there I got to know Mohammad Wasi, the man behind Fagnum, the whole and soul of Fagnum. He is always there for suggestions, for help. A helping hand of my budding writer. 

So, when I was asked to write about Fagnum, I asked him the thought behind the Fagnum, and then I came to know that he and his colleagues wanted to start a write-up and name it after a superhero. And I don't know any superhero named 'Fagnum' but now the way he is doing it, he is becoming a superhero for all the bloggers connected with Fagnum. 

Well, there is pros without cons. If there is a day, there will be night also. Apart from all the right, Fagnum is doing. I feel the way it decides the rank holders of the contest is bit biased. Biased not as in a person favouring other but biased in the sense that it declares the result on the maximum number of views an article has got and the one who has got least number of friends to share their article with always suffer. I mean, there are many writers among us, who writes so well but don't get what they deserve, why? Because they don't have enough to stand there, where they deserve. But that's my personal view, and I don't mean to offend anyone. 

Later, I won several more prizes and was adored by my acquaintance and friends as well. This was one of the grand moment of life when I felt that I could turn out to be a good writer.  Everyone has capabilities and talents or say some interests and passion; everyone looks for some encouragement and platform to show their skills and talents. Fagnum has proved out to be a great motivator to me.

One of the best thing about Fagnum is that it is open for all, there is no barrier, everyone who loves to write, who is capable of doing wonders are welcome at Fagnum. Fagnum provides equal and fair opportunities to everyone without any special talents. Fagnum organises writing contest and short filmmaking competition to attract talents. It is doing a fantastic job; It is encouraging people to write their heart out. Fagnum and team (I wonder if there is any) deserve all the applauds for this. 

A failed startup 'Fagnum' is now writing a story of success, slowly and proudly. I wish all the luck to grow large on a bigger level. I have learnt about their vision and the future of Fagnum. And I am always up to be part of this revolution. And I wish my all good luck for this. 

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