When I redefined Love!

Saurabh Kumar | 24-Apr-2017

After many thoughts and arguments with my laziness, I started this over a mug of coffee and guess what? My tongue felt the heat. So, If it didn’t hurt, it was never love. How complicated is this life? Everyone is running behind one another. The person you fell in love with loves someone else, and the person who fell in love with you never received your love. You give all your heart to someone, and they don’t respect its worth; and all of sudden you find yourself worthless.

When I redefined love

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You may find someone who keeps you saying that I don’t love anyone but let me tell you It’s very hard to not fall in love with someone. Every one of us loves someone in one way or other. But you know life is life if it doesn’t put you in the situation where you find yourself giving up everything still holding on then it’s not life. So, not falling in love might be difficult but failing is not. Not every one of us gets the love back from the person they want to be loved. You know It’s not difficult to part ways from someone who will never love you back the way you do. It might be said that love is no Mathematics, no Science, but somehow it is. Every action has an equal and opposite reaction, Newton’s third law of motion which had given nightmares to Science students applies here too, unlike those students you can’t skip and escape. You immensely love someone, but if that person is not on the same page, then my friend law is not holding well. It’s better to control your emotions and step back, rather than getting drifted apart.

Everyone has read a different definition of love, but there is no love without emotion. It’s a vague emotion, which can only lead to pain until you find someone who does all his/her hard work to remove that vagueness. When you love someone, you put all your heart to them. That’s the thing about love; all their happiness, joy and all the goodwill comes ahead of yours, and in this process of sprinkling love and warmth around, you end up with nothing left to yourself. Love is not a choice, but shattering your individuality in it.

It is the time of Socratic questioning and coming on to a conclusion regarding how you see yourself and your life. You can either look at the ocean of emotions throwing you harshly on the shore, or you can see the enormous love in the eyes of the person ready to cross oceans for you.

Love exists to make your life beautiful, not complex. This is high time we need to change our view about love. If it’s not growing you, not making you feel good about your existence then tell me how possibly it is love? Being against love is not justifiable, but getting tangled in this emotion and allowing your happiness to get suffocated in its clenches will not substantiate with the very reason of your being.

Come out of this web and just breathe, feel the air and realise love is not life, it might be an integral part of life, but it is not ‘life’. Your life lies in your smile, in your happiness, everything that makes you feel alive and if your love can’t make you contented, it was never love.

Learn to respect the prodigious affection showered by people who make you realise your worth, who believe in you even if you lost belief in yourself, who show you the mirror to show your capabilities, who help you take that blanket off which concealed your charm, the light within you. Be with the people who help you take that cloak off, not with the people who are constantly pushing you away from your light.

There is no book where it is written that if you don’t get love back from the person you love, you will have to live with sorrows, or push yourself to darkness, or ignore the constant efforts of the people who try to make you fall in love with yourself rather than trying hard to make you fall for them. Loving yourself at first place is the best definition of love you will ever read.

So, learn to believe in the very reason of your existence and above all. Learn to love yourself. Learn to live, and you’ll start loving yourself.

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