How Applancer is changing the way mobile app development is outsourced

Kaustav Banerjee | 27-Apr-2017

First I would like to tell you all about mobile app outsourcing. What is it?

In today’s time, almost everyone has a smartphone which they use for a minimum of 40 to 50 minutes per day. The app development has been on the rise for the past few years. Earlier the craze was for making gaming apps, but now the area of expertise has increased to e-commerce, marketing, sales, etc. The industry is expanding at a very fast rate, approximately at a rate of 50-60 percent increase in the number of apps in Play store and IOS.

How Applancer is changing the way mobile app development is outsourced

The reason behind this growth is that there is a trend these days which is followed by the companies where they prefer mobile over a web application. Any business that wants to sell their product must now understand how important mobile development is on their future strategy.

Some of the best companies in the world have gone against the web development mode rather they prefer app development as they think it will help them in making their business reach out to wider people. For the start-ups, going mobile-first is very helpful. Some of the cab companies like Ola and Uber are using mobile app development so that everything can be done easily. Some countries in Asia are planning to target a range of people between ages of 19-35 years for the usage of mobiles.

While we know that companies are opting for mobile app development, there is still a slight difference between creating an app from scratch and outsourcing it to someone or some platform. Outsourcing can be done by hiring a single freelancer or any big firm. Outsourcing the app make sense.

I would like to present some of the reasons why outsourcing is good for mobile app development.

1. Extensive Expertise

For smooth functioning of the app, we need various tools, functions to make the app run smoothly. There are various app development firms available online who have extensive knowledge in these matters. This allows the company to outsource the entire app or a part of it. This helps them to stay updated with the industry.

2. In-depth Search

It is the ability of any company to combine databases of information about the industry and the people which are the key to the app development success. According to a report, some SME’s constitute about 45 percent of the working population which enables the need of app development to focus on the service provided by their firms. The main characteristics of a good app development company are doing an in-depth marketing and also reading and analysing previous year’s reports. By doing these kinds of research, it helps the firm to create and deliver the best possible results to the people and also being up to date about the industry functioning.

3. Economic budgets

The most concerning thing before making or doing any work is how much money will be required for the work. For app development companies demand that all their work is completed and that too at low cost. The average cost of building an app is a whopping $150,000- $400,000, out of which about 35-40 percent is the features added to it. By outsourcing the app, the cost gets reduced by about $12,000-$100,000. This reduction is based on hourly rates, and these can be economical for the start-ups that have moderate funding.

4. Allowance for focus on core competence

The other benefit of outsourcing app development is that there is resource management along with a reduction in cost. Entrepreneurs, who otherwise spend their time over these developments, rather can now devote time towards creating a working environment. Some of the core companies make or create various opportunities for the app to succeed, and hence they get mutual profit and also provide firms with the future scope of work.

5. End to End Services

Finally, after the development of the app is done, it involves many other factors that come to play at this moment. The app development firms provide end to end services from creating an idea to completing that app and also give technical support. In this way, the companies create an environment that is well protected and where they can work for the app development until and unless a prototype is created for it and that too a working one.

The mobile app space is providing great opportunities for the companies to expand. By seeing a report of 2016, the app development firms in the world are a whopping 9 million. App development has become the key to success in today’s world. By outsourcing apps, it is the best way for the firms to be called as ‘mobile first’. They take benefits from it by redirecting the energies toward the core companies, and also they don’t compromise on their resources. Since this leads to a win-win situation, so this sets a stage for creating more creative products for going above others and also provides the existing companies or providers for scaling up or increase their operations more efficiently.

Now let’s say something about Applancer and how it is changing them outsourcing of app development.

Applancer is a web development community in which the project owners find out top companies and developers. They help in evaluating the customers and developers and contribute in making the app great.

Applancer helps in finding and hiring the top mobile app developers and teams. They have various projects under them. We can visit those websites that are provided on the homepage to check what they are doing.

Why do we need it?

We need Applancer because their system keeps everyone secure and acts as an intermediate if any duplicity is faced. They help in keeping the project owners safe and make sure that the code they have submitted ist passed on before ending of the project.

Who is it for?

They can be used for mainly two categories:-

  1. Project owners who want to develop ideas for the app.
  2. App Developers

What makes it stand out from others?

They evaluate and check the developers and then if they like the idea they help them create the mobile apps. In the case of any dispute, they act as referee between the developers.

What’s next?

Applancer wants to make sure that there are no discrepancies among the developers and during the development process and they want to make sure that app outsourcing reaches a new level.

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