Fagnum - The New Name In Content Publishing

Rachna Singh | 28-Apr-2017

What do you do when you speak to an old friend/junior from college after ages??? Payal Das and I have known each other for quite some time now, but it was only some days before while talking to each other that she told me about this unique content publishing website called “Fagnum”. And my immediate reaction was this two line poem which came out impromptu “Relishing a stick of Magnum, I browsed through Fagnum”. The name itself was so unique that I was intrigued to browse through the website instantaneously at that ungodly hour of the day.

Fagnum - The New Name In Content Publishing

Firing up my laptop, I searched for the web portal. I felt so amazed that unmindfully I spoke up “Oh! What an awesome website have I stumbled upon!!!” Any topic – be it knowledge, leisure, travel, love, politics, peer pressure, cooking, grooming, cosmetics, movies, personality development, etc., you name it, and fagnum has an article on it. Reminiscing the good old feeling which I used to get while reading a new found book I expressed to myself “I have opened a treasure trove of information in front of me unknowingly”. I couldn’t thank my friend enough for introducing me to this weblog.

Being the voracious reader that I am, it is always fun to be reading the articles on Fagnum. One will never get bored going through the vast array of information that it offers to its readers irrespective of their age. Be it a teenager or a young adult or a middle aged person or a person on the senior side of the age scale; fagnum has something interesting to offer to one and all. As a teacher, this portal helps me to share some knowledge with the students. What adds more value to this portal is that it is one of the most democratic blogs that I have ever come across till date. It is a blog where the reader can write something worthwhile for other people to read. So it can be aptly put that “Fagnum is a blog of the reader, for the reader and by the writer”. Fagnum has not only articles but also videos and short films. To attract the new talent, they keep organising this monthly contests in article writing as well as video making and short films.

Every child wants to do something or the other which makes his/her parents proud. As a kid, I too wanted so. But in the process of growing up things took such a turn that I could never do anything extraordinary. Fagnum seems to be in a position to which writers or should I say budding amateur writers can get their work published online. Mr Wasi, the mind behind this portal, has done a work which can be said to be a boon in disguise for such amateurs like me who wish to write and don’t get a platform to publish their work. And as they say that you attract your tribe, so it is natural that fagnum will connect with many many talented people in the future and is taking baby steps to achieve the goal of becoming a great and successful content publishing portal.

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Rachna Singh
A teacher by profession loves to write (her new found passion) apart from reading. Still trying to discover herself. She can be reached at rachna2009singh@gmail.com.