Friends can break your heart too

Khyati Garg | 29-Apr-2017

For people friendship has become a religion with no rules and regulations to push them into darkness, for one day it takes everything away.

In this cruel world, it was the only relation I found peace in because it healed my scars.

Just to please you in their spare time as entertainment for their fun.

But no wonder one meant it, and another just used it all like a 'tissue'.

Not everyone is like you; you need to remember this in this cruel world. Some love you like you do whereas Some play as in a game.

Friends can break your heart too

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Well, friendship is like a rubber band! And two friends hold it from either side, both should put constant efforts simultaneously, for if one loses the grip, then another gets hurt. When two of them are holding it from both sides, one gets distracted by a third one and lose the grip leading to the loss of the hold, 

And yet another one lies there with bleeding heart, confused, regretting,

Unable to explain his feelings, because he even can't grip over the tornadoes within.

Friendship is just like love when we get hurt in the relationship we blame love and not person! Same goes with friendship we don't blame anyone but blame friendship. 

Friendship paints darker scars on our soul, more intense than love.

Darker than what it heals!

Surprisingly, just like friendship heals a broken heart by love, love heals a broken heart by friendship.

Because in friendship we get treated worse, and we can't even complain.

No friendship is perfect, but yet there exists real friendship where two can row a boat chance by chance and can escape this abysmal depths of the sea. 

But they too end up leaving you in hell of loneliness sometimes.

Of course, some people can handle your fragile soul as a rose!

Many-a-times, you try to change yourself for them. Try to be softer like a petal to them, never reveal them your darker side, mum when you get disappointed. But at the end, you are left injured by them, for whom you did too much, created a soft corner, and they take a part of you along.

They don't even bother to have a look on you after that.

That's why it is said never change for anyone, but if we don't change and go on with what we are, and still end up losing them then also we are going to regret for we didn't change and ended up being alone.

If they cared, they would have never left you.

There are times when a third person will try to enter, and you can't react. You just keep watching yours loved one getting close to someone else, getting tagged in memes where you used to be tagged sometimes back.

It hurts, it hurts like hell. And when you try to complain, they will drift apart feeling suffocated instead of understanding.

But they will never understand what it feels like! Each second will kill you. Each minute will stab you in the heart. Each hour seems like years.

Each moment seems like you will die weeping or else this phase will never let you breathe like before. It feels like you will never be happy in your life. But believe me, one person who never valued you is not meant to decide your future or your body or your soul.

But still, they will be a part of your story. Always. Forever.

But the story is meant to have parts, some you love to read some you don't even want to touch. But that doesn't mean your story will stop or end, no never at least not for one who never valued you.

For one who never appreciated your efforts. For one who never valued your tears. But most importantly, who never understood your feelings :) 

Feelings are something which needs to be admired most, but people think we are fools to be taken for granted when we are with them and end up coming back when they see us drifting apart.

Sometimes we are so immersed in them that our thoughts too can't interrupt us. And we slip that friendship is a two-way thing.

That happens! We find different excuse to defend them but end up being proved wrong.

We grant them access to our heart, and they keep breaking it!

They keep breaking it until it is no more breakable and we end up losing our conscience 

They can hurt us till our heart has a soft corner for them. But they break it too.

Break it too hard to feel it there anymore.

They don't mind destroying our soul to the core; they don't mind breaking our trust in friendship.

And we lose faith in friendship. They drag us to loneliness. And yet we start finding peace in isolation.

That's how an INTROVERT is born.

A person who can FAKE A SMILE quickly visits in the world of values.

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