Inspiring Love Stories

Sheela Joby | 30-Apr-2017

Words are not enough when we come to inspiring love stories. Here, the focus is on such love stories that are not for temporary pleasure. They become part of this world or rather of the universe. It is not the intensity of love, but it is the faith, trust, and strength of that relationship that makes up completely for that relationship. It is the faith on which love stands. If the support of any relationship are weak., how long the building of that relationship can stand against the atrocities of all the seasons? The pillars of any relationship are - love, faith, and strength.

Inspiring Love Stories

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Any love story that completely relies on these three pillars becomes an imminent part of the universe. There have been, and there will always be so many love tales which would inspire people throughout their eternity. Unlike some transitory feelings and immature behaviour, a strong relationship stands firmly on the soil of trust and friendship. It does not commit anything half-heartedly. It is essential to know about the great love stories so that people would understand this term “love” in a far better way.

There is a famous name in both India and Neighbouring Country “Shaheed-e-Mohabbat Boota Singh”. But few people know about him. It is important to tell the future generations about this love story, which gives an insight into how some relations never end, they become a household name. Boota Singh was a Sikh ex-soldier of the British Army who fought in the World War II. He fell in love with a Muslim girl named “Zainab” during the turmoil of Partition. He married her, but very soon their love marriage was wrapped up by the enemies of love and peace. They sent the girl to a neighbouring country. Boota Singh entered the neighbouring country illegally to get back her lady. But she refused to him under her family’s pressure. Depressed and lost, Boota Singh committed suicide by jumping in front of the running train along with his and Zainab’s daughter. But the daughter survived. In his suicide note, he had written that he wanted to be buried in the village where Zainab was living. But the villagers did not allow. So he was buried in the largest graveyard of that country.

“Buried was his body, but not his love

Buried was his ambitions but not his love

Buried were his organs but not his feelings

Buried was Zainab’s husband but not Shaheed-e-Mohabbat Boota Singh.”

It is not to encourage young people to commit suicide for love, rather remain committed to their partner. If you commit suicide, it won’t bring back your love. But if you stay committed to whom you love and trust, then you will remain true to yourself, which is very necessary. People now – a-days find it difficult to stay true to oneself, which gives rise to unhappiness in one’s life as well as in others’ lives. Like happiness is connected, unhappiness is also a connected venture. If you cannot love yourself, you cannot love others. Similarly, if you are not happy, how can you make the other person happy? So if you remain faithful to yourself in the context of what you want in life, what you want to do in life and how you can help others, then definitely you will get the best results from life. This is scientific; there is no blackmail kind of thing in this equation. It is a pure mathematical equation.

Zenaib, Boota Singh’s wife, was so scared of her family members and relatives that she said a no to Boota Singh. She did not listen to the voice of her own heart. She was so fearful that her love, her faith in Boota, her belief in herself was all suppressed immediately under that fear. This is the difference of real love. Suicide is not a solution to the problem, but yes, in this case, Boota’s suicide was a punishment to Zenaib’s fear. In his suicide note, Boota had also mentioned that “Zenaib, you listened to the voice of multitudes, but that voice is never sincere.” This is the significance of trusting oneself, having faith in oneself and faith in your beloved. When you listen only to others and not to your own heart, this is the result that you get in the end – a punishment for your whole life, or maybe for your future births as well.

However, the voice of true love is different from the infatuation and likeness. If any teenager or even people of early 20s are reading this. Kindly, fit a statement into your head without a single question “True love is the one in which people respect each other and where both the individuals support each other in a very positive manner and cooperate so that both of you would march forward towards your set goals in life.” 

Love for the other person begins from this equation only. We can say that a love relationship between girlfriend-boyfriend or husband-wife is like “quadratic equation.” If your normal equation is a complete one, then your quadratic equation will also be completed. Whatever you will add to the equation, you will get the result accordingly. Results are the anticipated outcomes of our actions. Right?    

Now the same love story of Boota Singh can be looked at from some other angle. Let say; he would not have committed suicide. Or let’s say there some person A, who loves S. But S says no because some reason to person A. now, what options does this A has? Either he can change his mind and begin a new life by marrying some other girl. Or he can lament the fact all the time that S did not accept his proposal. Or he can accept this reality that he has been rejected, and he must go on in life with dignity, self-respect and should focus on his work.

If you dear reader were in place of Boota Singh or person

A. what would you do? Ponder over it and reply in the comments below this article.

If I were in his place, then I would have first spent my time crying bitterly and grieving over it thoroughly – maybe for two years. After that period, I would have realised my weakness to succumb to the pain of heart. History is a witness that once this realisation comes to a person, he or she begins a new chapter of life by helping individuals and devoting oneself entirely to the work of humanity. I would have done the same. Death is inevitable, whether Boota Singh would not have committed suicide or would have committed suicide if his death was written at that particular moment, it came at that moment only. Had he not committed suicide, death would have arrived through some other channel.

The important thing here is what I can do while I am alive. What contribution can I give to this world before I am dead? If the other person has rejected me due to any XYZ reason, how my love can still nurture that person if I love that person. If I am a strong person, my love will flourish throughout past, present, and future and will affect my loved one with high positivity and my love will also affect all other people very positively. Love can never mean sadness or meekness. If sadness and meekness are seen anywhere, believe me, it is not love. I know that you are reading it and understanding every bit of this lovely love post.

With love
Sheela Joby

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