A Writer's Sight

Alisha Khan | 01-May-2017


1. The Little girl held on her mother while the other toddlers ran through the supermarket. 
“Such a good girl!” A lady praised. 
“No, she’s blind.”

2. "Isn't life boring?"
"Talk to people who live in slums, have disorders, are disabled or have incurable diseases, and then we'll see. My life isn't boring, its a lot better than some thousands of people."

3. Youngsters are saying “I have many scars. My life is too dark”, you have the love you get from your family. The help your friends provide, the gentle care of your siblings and the praise of people around you, and you cry because you failed to be with your crush, lost a best friend, failed a few times or do not get enough attention? 
Stop playing the victim; millions have seen the worst, and still, they start every day with a smile. Treating a pin prick like a sword slash will only give you temporary sympathy, not true love.

4. Having your best friend as your lover:
PROS: They know everything about you.
CONS: They know every embarrassing thing about you.

5. She wanted to be with him.
He wanted to win her.
Sadly, He and Him were not one.

A Writer?s Sight

6. He promised to get home faster.
An absent helmet shattered the birthday girl’s happiness.

7. Silence and scream collided at high speed; depression was created.

8. Where speaking in mother tongue seems backwards and knowing a foreign language makes you smart, what culture are we pretending to preserve?

9. Went as a man, he returned as a son.
We salute you, martyr, in this rising sun.

10. It’s not about how much we achieve; it’s about how many needy people benefit from our achievement.

11. He decided to tour the world alone.
She decided to settle in her homeland.
Two exchanged bags at the airport ruined their plans.

12. Warm breeze, shining sun and flowing trees witnessed two lovers, walking hand in hand, whispering secrets in the faithful air. With tearful eyes, they reluctantly started for their homes, praying no one saw them. “I love you.”, they breathed on each other's lips as the boys wished that some day, the world may become a little more accepting.

13. Roaming the deserted halls of his Hostel, he remembered the early morning games with his classmates.

14. Stupid jokes, teasing each other, drunk on laughter; their first meeting turned into their best date.

15. “I love you, but my girlfriend, she hates you.” He looked in her sparkling eyes.
He spent the next weekend with his kitten, ex-girlfriend long forgotten.



Plastic sword
rubber balls,
pinky promise
barbie dolls.
Twinkling crowns
hero capes,
pen fights
truth and dare.
Innocent soul
naive smile,
restricted doors
carefree mind.
Missing those
cherished times,
forever gone
childhood nights.


Love me in a way; it be unchangeable for all I breathe,
The flame in our souls burns till this universe cease.
Sight might mark the start of this relation,
But let not it be the only catalyst for this equation.
Beauty, grace and a mind full of mystery,
Shan’t be the only reasons for our coming history.
Force, space and time may our love surpass,
Never let it morph into a habit, be our last cross.
Accept and embrace me for only me as a soul,
Love so genuine not be affected by our growth.
Let it endlessly soar through the skies, pure as a dove,
Nurture our bond forever be with you, my love.


Fuel thy soul with thy will for goal,
Keep it moving, don’t turn into a tomb.
A name, a place or a path of belief,
Nought is your mark but thy deed.
When thou unite thy muscle and mind,
Anabolism it is, thou leave everyone behind.
Determined and willed, what a powerful soul,
Know thyself, become invincible to the core.


You create a castle of sand
sitting on the ocean’s bank.
But a wave so feeble can crush your base
sending your dreams down the drain.
And as you witness the wrath of time
you try again, just do not whine.
Strong, sturdy, better and  just right
because you learned how to surpass the tide.
You may lose the time to repeat the deed
But the knowledge you acquire is all you need.

Paint your castle with colours so bright
some are bold, some shine in the light.
But never count how long it’ll all stay
one moment it takes for everything to decay.
But ghosts and faded outlines of those
makes your portrait deeper than before.
Because lost beneath is your previous life
which gives you power, strength and might.
To your past actions and regrets give no heed
stories were forgotten but lesson learned is all you need.

Sitting on your throne, feeling proud
do not forget where is your ground.
A crown sitting on your wrinkled forehead
adorned with jewels and gems hard to get.
Few empty slots when you missed His point
but never you stopped to reach this height.
Still, a lot more gems can help this crown gain
Alas, slipping time you can never tame.
But you smile, nostalgic, as the wave creeps 
life then peace, it is all you ever need.



To all those who have been told they're ugly and gross, to all those who have been judged on what they chose to wear, to all those whose dreams have been crushed by high expectations, to all those who never got the privilege to be themselves. And also to all those who never had significant problems but try to fight daily battles, it may seem stupid to fight, to try to win. You might be tired of arguing, from standing all alone, from holding your head high, but still, do not succumb to such fatigue. You have one life but many chances, one death but many escapes. So snatch those chances and fight to survive. Do not carry regret to your grave.

Fight once, learn your lesson. Fight twice, know your faults. Fight thrice, get their weakness. And keep on fighting until either your enemy has lost or you are dragged in the eternal peace. And after every battle, as you look at the setting sun, take out time for yourself else you'll lose the reason you're fighting for. Because life is not only about perfecting, knowing and accepting ourselves, it's about harbouring every little happiness we get. Not self-centred but a little selfish; not foolish but a little crazy; not arrogant but a little stubborn; do not be a winner every time but a learner at every step.

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About the Author
Alisha Khan
I like to express my views through words. I don't write to entertain people, I want people to relate to me and find inspiration in my words. Learning is an eternal process and to write was only another art for me which has now become a daily practice.