Friend in need is friend indeed

Payal Das | 02-May-2017

In today’s world, It is very hard to find a real friend, but I would consider myself lucky that I got one in the form of my neighbour Anny Mitra. She is the one who introduced me to Fagnum. Though I am a freelance journalist and writer by profession, and I keep writing for different magazines and portals, but things were not going smooth so when I told her she shared her discovery with me. I didn’t know about such a great platform. After she had provided me with the information, I approached them, and at the very last moment I submitted one article on fitness, and to my surprise, I bagged a prize, and I was very happy. Thus the journey started, and now it has become a part of my life. As Anny recommended Fagnum to me, I too have kept the legacy alive by recommending it to my friends and seniors who wish to write and have a flair for writing.

Friend in need is friend indeed

Fagnum is a no doubt a great platform for anyone who has a creative spark within them. The way Wasi deal with the writers and keep motivating them is very humane. Fagnum is Wasi’s brainchild, and it is quite different from other content publishing websites. Wasi did a great job by initiating a concept like this as there are millions of writers who write pretty well but due to lack of opportunities, they cannot showcase their talents. Not only this but he is always there to help you if by mistake there is some imperfection in your article he would let you know and make it flawless. He is like a superhero without a cape and who comes to rescue.

Fagnum gives rewards too which act as motivation, and it feels good when you get a prize money, after all, who doesn’t love to be appreciated and recognised. It boosts up confidence as well. It gives you readership which is the most important thing for a writer, may be a budding one or a seasoned one.

For sure this initiative has awakened the writer in many people, as in the rat race most of us have forgotten what we like and what we don’t but with Fagnum we can relive the dream which we once wished for. From the wide variety of micro tales, short movie making contest and photography contest we can choose what we like. Not only the writers but photographers and short movie makers can also participate and bring out the best with Fagnum and showcase their talent.

When last time I submitted my entry in the form of a kids story, my four-year-old daughter came to me and said: “Mumma what are you doing?” I read that story to her and told that I am about to submit it in Fagnum, then she said, “Fagnum Uncle Ko Dena Yeh Story”.  She calls Wasi Fagnum uncle. I wish that when my daughter grows up, she too contribute to fagnum.

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Payal Das
A writer by profession who loves to travel and stay fit. Her hobbies are painting, photography, writing stories and composing poems. Apart from these she loves cooking as she believes that not only to a man's heart but to anyone's heart it's through the stomach.