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Mumbai;  The city of dreams. A great platform for all the artists to fulfil and achieve their goals. Probably a good place for evil spirits too. 

Sagarika and Kashika were two fashion designers who came to Mumbai with a hope to work and design for celebrities. Pratyush helped them in all the chores and booked a resthouse on rent for them to stay. 


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Kashika: Wow!  What a place, beautiful rest house perfect to stay. TV, AC, soft bed too good. 

Sagarika: Hmm fits in our budget too 

Kashika: oh what's your problem? Budget!  Budget!  Huh 

Kashika: you put your things in place I'll just check the washroom 

Sagarika: wait I'll accompany you. 

Kashika: come 

Sagarika pushes the door open 

Sagarika: wow!  This is fab 

Kashika: told you 

Sagarika: but how did Pratyush da manage this in so less 

Kashika: please don't start it all over again 

Both went to the room 

Sagarika: I'm feeling sleepy don't you want to sleep?  

Kashika: you sleep I'm enjoying the window scene 

Sagarika: as you wish but sleep in time 

Kashika: yeah good night 

Sagarika: good night 

Kashika was sitting near the window when all of a sudden she figured out something strange. A lady was lying in the garden. 

Kashika: Sagarika!  Sagarika!  Get up 

Sagarika: what's the matter?  

 Kashika: come with me 

Sagarika: but where? 

Kashika: Remember Pratyush Da said nobody comes here at night 

Sagarika: Yeah, but I wonder why?  

Kashika: stop wondering just listen to me. A lady is lying in the garden 

Sagarika: what?  Let me see

Sagarika and Kashika rush towards the window

On peeping outside; 

Sagarika: nobody is there 

Kashika looks down, and to her surprise, the lady wasn't there

Kashika: where has she gone she was lying there 

Sagarika: you are sleepy come lets sleep 

Kashika: But I saw her 

Sagarika: It was just a false notion nothing else if you stay awake for a few more minutes you'll see ghosts as well hahaha 


Next morning: 

Bang!  Bang!  

Kashika: Sagarika Sagarika 

Sagarika: hmm

Kashika: someone's on the door, please see who is there

Sagarika gets up looks through the peephole 

Sagarika: Its Pratyush da 

Kashika comes out, Sagarika opens the door 

Pratyush: good morning slept well both of you 

Sagarika and Kashika: Yes very well, good morning da 

Kashika: da I want to speak to you 

Pratyush: yes sure 

Kashika: I saw a lady lying in the garden last night, but when Sagarika peeped outside the window, she was gone 

Sagarika: oh forget it now I told you that you were sleepy, da no one was there I am telling you 

Kashika: I swear I saw her 

Sagarika: you say I overthink now just look at yourself anyways I am going to freshen up 

Sagarika leaves 

Kashika: Da, I saw her 

Pratyush: I think Sagarika is right you might be sleepy 

A few moments later 

Sagarika: Kashika did you already take a bath?  

Kashika: no you see I'm still in my pyjamas 

Sagarika: but the bathroom was already wet 

Kashika: how on earth is that possible 

Pratyush: probably a tap needs to be fixed anyways Kashika get ready we need to leave we will have breakfast outside. 

Kashika: ok da 

Sagarika: I'll go and fix my hair 

Both Sagarika and Kashika leave. Meanwhile, Pratyush thinks 

Pratyush: what did these two just speak a lady lying in the garden!  A wet bathroom! 

Does all this mean that Shikha aunt was right?  No no this is not possible. 


Three of them leave after

the hustle bustle of the day they return to the resthouse at 6 p.m. 

Pratyush: you both take some rest I'll be here by 8 p.m. we shall go for dinner until the kitchen gets in place we'll have to eat outside 

Sagarika and Kashika: ok da 

Pratyush leaves, both Sagarika and Kashika get inside 

Kashika: finally!  We got work 

Sagarika: yes it'll be great working with Mukherjee telefilms 

Kashika: I'm damn excited 

Bang!  Bang!  

Sagarika: Kashika go and see who is on door 

Kashika checks through the peephole 

Kashika: there's a lady 

Kashika opens the door 

Kashika: yes 

Lady: I'm Vaibhavi your neighbour 

Kashika: come in aunt

Vaibhavi: no I'm ok here just came to see you both. Hope you know everything. Be careful good bless you 

Vaibhavi leaves 

Sagarika: Aunty! Why did she leave this way?  

Kashika: strange, why did she ask us to be careful?  This place is beautiful but so suspicious. 

 Kashika: wait she said I hope you know everything. What was she talking about? 

 Sagarika: God knows what's going on here 

Both of them go inside the room and rest 

It's 8 p.m., and Pratyush arrives, they leave 

After dinner, Pratyush drops them to the resthouse 

Pratyush: bye see you tomorrow 

Kashika and Sagarika: Bye Da 

Pratyush starts the car, but it breaks down 

Pratyush: argh! What a timing 

Pratyush calls the mechanic the mechanic says it's late and the car can be repaired in the morning only 

Sagarika asks Pratyush to stay in the rest house Pratyush agrees 

Kashika: I'm tired I think I should go and have a bath 

Kashika leaves 

After a few minutes, Kashika shrieked 

Sagarika and Pratyush rush towards the bathroom

Sagarika: Kashika Kashika is everything ok?  Open the door. Kashika 

Pratyush: I think I should break the door open 

Pratyush does the same 

Sagarika rushes inside. "Pratyush da" she calls 

Pratyush goes inside, Kashika lies on floor fainted 

Sagarika and Pratyush put her on bed 

Sagarika: call the doctor 

Pratyush: No, I can't  

Sagarika: (surprised)  da 

Pratyush: I want to tell you something. Did I get this resthouse in so less this always bothered you right?  

Sagarika: yes 

Pratyush: there's a reason. Natives say that the rest house is haunted. Evil spirits reside here at night this is the reason no one comes here after 9 p.m. no mechanic, no doctor no one. Initially, I thought it is insane to believe this, but now I feel they were right 

Sagarika: da what did you do? You put our life in danger 

Sagarika spills water on Kashika's face 

She gains consciousness 

Sagarika: why did you shout? 

Kashika: that lady I told you she was there in the garden yesterday and today when I went to the bathroom she was there she broke her bangles and all her blood was spilt on the wall and then she hanged herself 

Sagarika: but there was no blood 

Sagarika and Pratyush tell Kashika everything about what the natives say Pratyush says that Shikha aunt had warned him, but he took her lightly 

Kashika: (starts weeping) Oh god we are stuck now what will we do?  

Kashika: ( wiping her tears)  let's leave this place. Let's go 

Three of them rush towards the door 

Pratyush: I'm unable to open the door 

Kashika and Sagarika both try to open the door but fail 

Later they hear strange sounds of a lady weeping they all get horrified 

"Kashika" Sagarika shouts as she pushes her 

The ceiling falls 

Kashika: Thanks, there was no chance for me to survive if that ceiling had fallen on me. Pratyush goes to drink water in the kitchen and Kashika goes to the room after a long time when Sagarika does not hear any noise she calls for Kashika and Pratyush but could not find any of them. Stressed, she goes to the balcony and sits on the swing. The swing starts moving all by its own Sagarika stops it with her feet and gets up 

She tries to sit again but the swing moves backwards, and she falls the swing starts moving again. Sagarika gets injured. She then figured the spirit is coming closer to her, frightened she gets up. Pratyush and Kashika arrive there, and the spirit disappeared. Kashika and Sagarika hug each other. 

The lady appeared again, she ran towards the room shouted: "save me." 

That night was the worst one for three of them 


Next morning they rushed to Shikha aunty's place 

Shikha aunt told them that seven years ago a couple came to rest in that resthouse while the husband went out for work as he had a night shift. Kaali a fugitive broke into the house and raped the lady and escaped, later the woman hanged herself

Police could not find Kaali until now 

The spirit of this woman still resides there and shouts cries in the same way at night at the time when she was raped as she has still not got justice 

She avenges all, what happened to her by harming everyone who goes there to rest 

That night an oculist was called. He cast his spell. He created a dummy of Kaali then called the spirit .the spirit was allowed to harm the dummy. The spirit shouted and attacked the dummy until she took her revenge then she left the place forever as the spirit was now freed.

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