How To Install Kodi On Fire Stick(Fire TV Stick)

Anuradha Deb | 02-May-2017

At the very first, one should know what does a KODI mean? What is a KODI? And what is it used for?

So, KODI is nothing but an entertainment software which one can use to stream music, watch any programs, serials, series, TV shows, cinemas, etc. KODI cannot be used by itself, means it does not provide the user with any media itself. The respective user needs to connect it with some other content or provide their content themselves as per required. It is an all in one software which one can use and stay satisfied of its uses too.

How To Install Kodi On Fire Stick

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Now we come to what is a fire stick?

So, a fire stick is a device with a considerable small size which can be plugged into the TV’s HDMI port.

At this moment, we come now  to install KODI  on fire stick:

Firstly, Hook remote to the (Amazon) Fire Stick by holding the home button until the time it recognises that our remote is connected.

Then go to the play button and start and then set the language as English or as per as the user’s requirement and then click on continue without or with a power adapter as per requirement again of the user.

Scanning of network takes place. It then connects to the available network. Once the connection is successful, if you are a user of Amazon then log in with your email id, password and sign in or else register first and then go for the future process.

Once you have signed in into your account, it will connect you to Amazon and then click on continue option as per shown on the screen. Once you press the continue option, another selection comes as parental controls or no parental controls; there you select as per as your requirement. Usually, maximum users go for “no parental controls”. After that, Then again click continue option as shown in the page. Click on got it.

Then, All the way down in the sidebar go to settings, in which an option called system is present, click on that.

Then go down in systems and click on developer options and click on ADB debugging which is initially off, has to be switched on. Then go down and click on apps from unknown sources and switch to on, and go ahead and click ok for further procedures.

Quit the home button and then go to text search and search for ES Explorer over there and click on it and that is the thing which we want to install.

After clicking on the ES Explorer clicks on 'Get Option'.

Now, Download and install it. Once it is done, click on the open button. Go to favourites on the top left-hand side and click on that. After that go to add an option in favourites. There you got to add the path to the code you download  (\download).

Then go to next and put a bookmark by typing the word KODI which goes directly to the\download page. Then click on next again. After that click on add.

After this in the sidebar, go downwards, now you are supposed to get the bookmark which was named as KODI earlier. Click there and then you go to the KODI download page. In this page go downwards where you see a lot of options as android, windows, etc.

Before that, you need to install the ARM thing in your system as it is of great importance.

The Android option has an ARM thing beneath it. Click on that ARM just once, after clicking go downwards where more is written with three dots in the right corner. There comes a lot of option again. From there click on Open in the browser and then open with ES Downloader and click on just once and then it will be downloaded.

Once it downloads, you click on an open file and click on install.

Thus, KODI is being installed

Thank You.

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