From Working in a startup to Starting own Startup

Suyash Jain | 05-May-2017

What is the difference between college and school, a 12th-year class kid, inquisitive to see that kind of lifestyle asked me? I just said a word “EXPOSURE”.

Hi! I am Suyash Jain, a student of BBA Retail Management from University of Petroleum & Energy Studies-Dehradun. Last summer vacations, I searched for an internship as it's my first year it is not necessary to do an internship, but I wanted to do as I can’t sit idle for two months. I got an internship in a startup from Agra i.e. ShoeKonnect - A B2B Mobile App. I felt a little bit nervous as I got an internship in the marketing field and I didn’t know much about it. But those two months completely changed my life. It’s a startup and working in a startup means working and exploring all the fields whether it's marketing, business development or finance or any other thing. I got a chance to work with people who were extraordinary genius working and bringing technology innovation in the footwear industry.  I learned many things by working with them, and few skills of mine attract them because of which from past ten months, I am still working with them as their team member. Internship in startups can lead you to do things you have never imagined. Because of working on a startup, I could start my small startup, i.e. InstaKhoJ.


Every student cannot be judged on a single parameter. Every kid is born with its area of interest and talent. We cannot judge them on a standard parameter because Sachin Tendulkar could be a big time failure in acting, but we know, what he is in his area of interest. Today’s schools have also realised this fact and boost students in taking part in the extra-curricular activities, but the horizons of it are very much defined. I am an average student of management stream, belonging from a business background. I have always heard at home that in real life, it is the experience which matters, and so is my approach towards life. I love participating in competitions and workshops, whether it’s of my direct or indirect interest because I feel this whole world is the interconnected and live experience of others with personal experience of once own, is all that makes a difference. Every journey has its obstacles, so has this one. In spite being inquisitive, I miss out competitions. In management, we are taught to manage things in the most effective and efficient manner. So I came up with an idea of doing something, in which students like me do not face a problem, in knowing about the competitions going around them. Encourage them to participate, organise, and explore themselves.

Being a management student I faced a lot of problems in executing such plan, that’s the difference between an idea and approach. I with one of my friend Raghav Agarwal as co-founder with me were finally able to start in month of October 2016 from a free WordPress website, but things were not going soothingly as planned, views were coming on website but at back-end workload was more as only two people are there, and free website look was not at all attractive. Not associating from a technical background and with the lack of funds for hiring CTO (Chief Technical Officer) for the execution my idea, since was determinant to do it, hence I learned it to be self-efficient, and do it on my own.

In the month of March 2017, we both created a team of six enthusiastic people to work with us on the non-paid basis as for few months we were also not generating any revenues from it. After few years of hard work and research behind it, finally, on 1st April 2017, the website is live with full functionalities in it with the name InstaKhoJ

InstaKhoJ is an online portal where you can explore the different competitions, going within Dehradun. Know the summary of the competitions/workshops and take part in it according to your area of interest. For people trying to enter the organising world can even publicise their event, and even approach for consultation help, if they are new in their field, like graphic designing, proper back end research on the domain or subject based competitions. A new platform for them to get online registration apart from the manual records. The event would be further publicised on different social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. by us. Personalised & unique emails with, registration link inside the mail would be sent to students and subscribers by us only. A one-stop site, to tackle with all your problems and inquisitiveness regarding competitions, now can be resolved at a single place, just a few clicks away from you. “Because as I said college is all about exposure”.


INSTant approach for all your queries, so stop the endless KHOJ

At which you are every time. As it is said that every problem has its solution within it, and so has this one


“Ideas never changed the World, Action did”

-Suyash Jain (CEO)

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