Religious War

Deergha | 06-May-2017

Our country has been known for centuries as a symbol of mercy and love. When the British looted our gold bird, our beloved India, which was united by the love of Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs, Christians, etc., was divided into pieces. People used diplomacy to rebel against their country and joined hands with the enemies to fulfil their selfishness.

Religious War

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After tireless efforts, the brave heroes of our country threw the British out of the country but could not remove the poison that the British had solved in our countrymen. People started feeling scared from believing in each other. Those Indians who did not even worry about their lives to help anybody became selfish and did not hesitate to take others' lives to fulfil their selfishness. 
Our motherland did not shed tears when her children were being pillaged on their chest in a war against the foreigners. Mother India sacrificed her children effortlessly for the good of the country, but when one of her children rose for the blood of another, it's hard to guess the pain that our Mother went through.

Over time, when Swaraj was established, this rebellion was suppressed, and the rules were set which would restore peace in India. But the bitterness of the rebel's heart did not diminish, and the seeds of slander hatred in their hearts began to take a larger form. 

Surely Swaraj gave many powers to Awaam(ordinary people), but some people have always abused them and are doing it until this day. The most frightening thing is that these people are wearing a mask of nationalists and patriots and their biggest weapon is "Dharma". People miss no opportunity to take advantage of the faith of religious people in the name of patriotism. Especially the estrangement running between Hindus and Muslims. 

Muslims are not the origin of India, this is the reason why when India was smuggling against foreigners for independence, this became disillusioned in the minds of the Indians, and they started thinking that Muslims are also a threat to the nation. This feeling of hatred which had taken the mindset of Indians years ago remains the same. So far it is the same. I agree that a neighbouring Muslim nation is part of the terrorist activities these days, but this does not mean that the entire Islamic community belongs to terrorism. 

India's democracy ensures that every person who lives in India regardless of his caste and religion, he is entitled to equal rights and is equal in law. The way Hindus residing in India are Indians, In the same way, the Christians, Sikhs, Muslims living in India, are also Indians.

But, some such people are living in India who do not wish that peace prevails in the country; such people target a gun on the shoulder of religion, and innocent people fall prey to them. Trust me they are not seekers of any religion; their work is only to break the peace. 

It is interesting that those people who do not even know what is happening in the controversy are also included by referring to religion in the crowd of fools.

It is sarcastic that people even drag religion into a conversation which is far away from religion and has nothing to do with it.

Swaraj of India ensures that every citizen here has the right to give words to his thoughts. But here, If a person gives his views, it is assured that people are going to ridicule his ideas, his talk is presented in front of the society wrongly with an evil intention to exaggerate people, surely it causes anger among the people, and they exhibit to express anger. Not only is the person criticised for keeping his views but is also called a traitor. 

Is this Swaraj? A person has put his thoughts in front of you, if you like and agree with his opinions, then it is okay if you disagree just ignore or keep your views that "why you disagree" in a peaceful manner. Here, Media plays an important role but unfortunately media these days searches for something spicy rather than something true.

Terrorism is increasing day by day, and our soldiers are facing it with courage. There is no Sikh in the army, neither Hindus nor Muslims, if there is someone it is only an Indian, but if seen from the people point of view, there are people of all religions in the military, who are working for the nation with a quieter sense. Now if our army men are a group including people from all faiths then it is certain that there will be Muslims too and we say that Muslims spread terrorism; these two things are contradictory to each other. 

Now take our dear A.P.J. Abdul Kalam Ji, despite being a Muslim, how much he has done for the country, it proves that not all Muslims are terrorists, some have wandered from their direction, and their stupidity will continue to be answered. It should also be noted that some Hindus are also traitors, it proves that only one religion is not guilty and nobody can be blamed.

Everyone says that God is one, only His forms are many. Then how are "Bhagwan" and "Allah" separate? These are also the two different forms of the same divine. God has created human beings, the man himself is to divide them in the name of religion.

The time has come that we put it into our heads that if we have any religion, then that is "humanity". We are the people of the same country "India", and our unity is our strength. Be together so that nobody can make us weak.

It is wrong to think that if some other country is unfair to our innocent countrymen, then we will also be unfair to them, this is not the solution, it just shows we are no less cruel than them.


This is India, every inhabitant here has the right to lead a respectful life provided that he is faithful towards the nation. It is also condemnable to link nation to religion especially when the country ensures democracy. 

All religions teach to love, the problems that are occurring in the name of religion are evidence of the foolishness of the people.

It is essential that whether we are the seekers of any other religion or not, but we never face away from humanity and maintain peace. 

Jai Hind 

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