5 Major Problems Of India And Their Solutions

Aakanksha Jain | 07-May-2017

India is a country where people belong to most diverse categories. It became independent on 15th August 1947 from the British rule after a long time. Since then, many things happened due to which we are still being counted in developing countries instead of developed ones. We are not considering those reasons here. Instead, I'll try to concentrate on the problems and their solutions that we are facing being the citizens of India. I would first like to clarify that I am not going to mention the biggest scams and those problems for which we can't do anything or need others' help. Instead, I'm going to put those matters of concern in front of you for which every single Indian is responsible and not the whole community.

5 Major Problems Of India And Their Solutions

The important problems are listed and explained below.

1) Bribing and Corruption:-

We all talk about the corruption many times. Whenever this topic comes out, mostly our response is that "Our political leaders are corrupt." 

But wait! Are you sure about that? Just think about the time when you were of younger age. Almost every one of us has experienced that parents offer various gifts to their kids for performing good in their studies. Isn't it a bribing? Think about it. Instead of telling them the pros of studying, we bribe them. We start bribing at such an early stage that corruption is in the bloodstream of every Indian.

Whenever you visit a government office for some work, just because you don't want to wait in queues, you put the money forward and get the work done. Then people say that leaders are corrupt. How can a person blame others till they are not right?


Even if you stop at an individual level and raise voices, you may face some difficulties in the beginning, but certainly, there would be an outcome. Last year, Aam Aadmi Party initiated 'Anti- Corruption Programme' in Delhi. They asked people to capture corrupt officials by video making or clicking pictures secretly. But we need to understand that government is just a medium. If we want to bring the change, we need to step ahead. When you don't bribe, leaders won't have anything to be called corrupt for.

2) Wastage of food and money to show off:-

We know that there are people in India who can't even afford food. Despite the best performance of agriculture in GDP, people are dying of hunger. Several campaigns are being run by Government and NGO's but still of no use. Do you know the reason of such conditions? Poverty? Nah!! We aren't so poor that we can't even afford food. The reason is 'WASTAGE OF FOOD'. 

Indians are always ahead in showing off their property and prosperity by throwing grand parties for marriages and other occasions and spending tremendously on food and decorations which are all wasted the very next day.

Even in our daily lives, we waste a lot of food. Hence the demand for food increases leading to price hike due to which food becomes unaffordable for poor. If we stop wasting food and money in our functions and donate them instead, or don't even use them at all, our people will never die from lack of food. If a single person starts and others continue, the day is not far when every Indian will have food in their stomachs before sleeping at night.

3) Lack of environmental concern:-

We don't want to think even once about the environment. We use plastics, we leave the electrical energy being wasted, we don't care about pollution, we can't help littering, and the list is unending. If a single person turns the electricity off before leaving the place and goes for 10 hours, they save approximately a minimum of 1 KWH of power. If only 100 people do so, a poor's house can be lightened for one month. Small things make a big difference. We are so bound to plastics that we can't stop their use suddenly, but we can at least reduce their usage. We leave the engine of vehicles turned on which lead to wastage of fuel and incremented pollution level as well. The most wasted resource is water. There are certain areas which don't even have an appropriate water level. Also, we throw the garbage wherever we want. Here people themselves create problems and then blame others. All these things are taught in 4th or 5th grade, but we still don't obey them. Taking baby steps can help us save a lot of resources.

4) Lack of awareness about education and health:-

India is far behind when the matters of concern are health and education. We all are literates. As a part of social service, we can organise awareness campaigns in slum areas. Besides that, wherever we live, there are certainly some illiterate people. We can teach them regardless of their ages. In India, still, people think that we don't gain anything from education. People prefer family business over education. I am not against family businesses, but that can be continued after studying as well.

Coming to awareness about health, this problem is more common in rural areas. We must have the basic knowledge about the communicable and wide-spread diseases to be on a safer side. This tremendous increase in population is also because of lack or awareness.

If a single person gets aware, he/she will make others aware, and this will become a chain. We just need to perform our part without thinking about whether others are doing something or not.

5) Discrimination and disrespecting others:-

Last but not the least, the major problem of India is disrespectful and discriminating behaviour toward the people belonging to another caste, religion, community, colour, gender or any other criterion. 


Hindus target Muslims and vice versa, fair people target dark ones, upper caste people have problems with lower caste ones, males disrespect females, and the list goes on.

Do you know why rapes and eve-teasing so common here? Because people don't consider females as humans. They are taught since childhood that they are superior to females. The superiority of thoughts starts developing at the very beginning. When such kids grow up, the thinking becomes so dominant that they don't consider women even as humans.

We start comparing ourselves with others at the very beginning.

"Don't talk to him; he belongs to a lower caste."

"Look at him, how dark and ugly he is!"

"Have a look dude; she is so hot!"

These are some of the comments people have to face daily. Think once, if the other person were your family member, had been your comments the same? 

Try to look at the inner beauty of the people instead of judging them from outside.

If we want to bring the change, we need to start on our own. No one else would do that for us. If these steps are taken, I'm sure the day is not far when most of our problems will get sorted. Just take baby steps, and you would see the change yourselves.

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