Education: India's obsession!

Simran Munot | 07-May-2017

The young and amazingly charming Bollywood actor Kriti Sanon, the veteran politician: Nitish Kumar, the acclaimed economist: Raghuram Rajan and the emerging young cricketer rather a famous Bowler: Ravichandran Ashwin, the famous Indian writer: Chetan Bhagat.

What is one thing common in between them? Yes, that’s right! They are all engineers by education.

Today I have a great collection of facts. You will be astonished to hear that since our Independence that is since 1947, we produced ZERO Nobel Laureates in science. And when we compare it to the US, they have 100 plus. Not only in education, in sports when you compare the Rio Olympics medal count, but the US also tops the list with 121. It is more astonishing to see that India is on 67th position with just two. In 2008 Olympics, at least the count was 26.

But let me tell you one biggest fact. There is just one thing that we produce more than USA and China combined are the number of engineers, rather the number of frustrated engineers. Wow! We should be proud of it.

Well, even I am one of them. There are three big mistakes made by me that landed me to engineering. First, I was good at studies. Second, Specifically, I was good at mathematics. So when you are good at these two, you land up doing engineering, the third mistake. This is exactly what I am doing right now. Well, I have no regrets. I am happy with my course and yes I love my course. But this is not only my story. This story is of those frustrated engineers who are jobless till now.

Let’s talk about the famous Indian City, Bangalore. Well, Bangalore is known as Silicon Valley of India as it is the IT hub of India. No doubt in that because Bangalore is full of engineers! They are not just engineers but frustrated engineers, frustrated with their lives, with their carrier and everything. One interesting fact in Bangalore is that in every 20 IT employees in Bangalore contemplate suicide at some point in his life. India such a diverse country is so obsessed in producing engineers.

Let us also talk about the quality. We are producing engineers in quantity, not quality. Check the curriculums of the Engineering course. The engineers are still learning the old age Turing models and Von Neumann models and not the latest technology. I agree people should know the past of their field. So arrange workshops for them. Have a quiz on that particular topic. There are many other methods to tell them about the things happened in the past. Students have to spend more thousands and thousands of rupees for learning the latest technology.

Education: India obsession

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Let’s talk about Ancient India.

There was a person named Thomas Babington Macaulay. He was an incredibly talented person. He could learn a new language within a fortnight. So the Britishers asked him to visit India and help them figure out things. Without thinking for a second, he rejected coming to India. The reason was that he only saw India as a country of filth and disease. But the Britishers offered him 10 thousand pounds. That was a huge amount those days. So, he agreed. He stayed in India for four years but did not learn a single work in any Indian language. When he returned, people asked him what improvement should be made in Indian society which can prove to be useful to them. He said that it is necessary for us to teach Indians English and if we don't do so then the Indians will waste time and youth touching a cow’s ass. And this is how English came into India. So what is the connection between English and Engineering? There is a big connection! Many engineers are unemployed due to poor communication skills. And in India knowing English has become a class.

On October 4, 1957, at 7:28 p.m. the Soviets launched their first satellite in space. It was the human satellite SPUTNIK. And seeing the success of Russia USA lost their mind. USA and Russia are typically Indian students. They always want to be better than each other. So the Americans changed their minds as well as their immigration policy and best of the Indian scientists and Engineers we called to work in NASA. And they preferred mostly Indian because they were brainy. Rather they are brainy I would say. And even Indians were ready to go to America and were comfortable there. Why? English! And nowadays many students take up engineering so that they get the free ticket to go to the USA. In South India, there is a community, and they have the mentality that they send their sons to the USA so that they can command for high dowry.

Let's come back to India and the very famous institute of Engineering, IITs. Well, the Americans compare the students of IITs to oil as they are valuable. And IITs were the institutes that provided quality teaching to the students. So the Indian middle-class people decided to put their kids into IITs for a better future.

The situation in the city of Hyderabad was that students were disconnected rather absolutely disconnected with the outside world. Guys and girls weren’t allowed to talk to each other, and if caught they would be suspended. The colleges told them that their sole purpose was only to study and pass out with good grades.

In the north there is a city named Kanpur and there lies the great IIT Kanpur. There is a small locality which is known as coaching Mandi. If you ask the local pan seller that how this place was named as coaching mandi. He would say because of one old professor, and this is how the business expanded. And if you ask him, where and when can I meet the professor. The only reply you will get is that he is no more. Someone had killed him.

Education is something which is very dear to all the Indian people. Pick up a newspaper between the months APRIL-JUNE and what you get to see is the list of the toppers. And then Indian parents tend to compare their children with them. Come on even the fingers of our hands aren’t same so how can you expect each and every child to be same?

Pressure, Pressure and the only pressure is put on students to get into IITs. Statistics say that every day approximately 20 students commit suicide. They do not want to pursue their career in Engineering, or some want to but couldn’t make it to IIT. Students are simply human beings. Do not pressurise them. Let them choose their field of interest. The success of a person lies in the profession they choose, how they handle the resources and the application of knowledge and not just grades. Forcing children to pursue career against their choice will ruin them mentally.

Does India has an education system? I don’t think so. India has an examination system. Real work of education system is to increase the creativity and imagination power of students. Make them creative in every field. But India’s education system does totally opposite. And the irony is that when you get to home, parents don’t ask you how much you have learned today in class, but they ask just one question. How much did you score? Marks are the only criteria by which a student is judged in India. And if this continues, India will be a country in which people have great knowledge but no practical experience and very serious lack of creativity.

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