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I feel desperate to see the articles daily in the newspaper about racism. I hate the word of such kind and want to erase it from the people's dictionary. The dirt of racism is the shame in our society. Who are these people who call other black???? Excuse me man your mouth is black not my skin. In fact, every colour has its beauty so is with the black. The white skin admirer colours your eyes white too that help you to see other people white. Although the cinema has evolved to colourful theatres, still the world remained black and white. My question to all the believers and tagged people of racism is that if we paint all the black population into another colour, would you start embracing all of them. Lolzzz. In contrast to that yes I can feel the agony of all the sufferers although their crime is only that they are created black in colour. Eventually then blame of being black should be hanged by the creator i.e. God!! Now he can also be defined as a culpable batman. 


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In my college daily I encounter with the people, who belong to nations like Africa etc. feel confident, when I took a look at them and tried to smile at them, they bounce back with the feeling of being hard smiled and lacking sweet touch with the people around. From there itself I carried the intolerable burden of affection with myself. All right, although I went towards them for the alleviation and betterment of moment so that they take a fresh breath, on the special request from all that Don't treat them alike.

This has been brought home yet again, and with a vengeance, following the savage attacks on Nigerians and other Africans, mostly students, living in Noida and other parts of the National Capital Region. 
The mob violence - reportedly sparked by the death of a local youth through an overdose of drugs, purportedly trafficked by some members of the Nigerian community - has led to the lodging of a diplomatic protest by several African countries who have described the incident as racist in nature. 

On the contrary, the entire Blacklisted pro feel confident about them because they have their wrong foot towards racism. On this note, I want to tell them don't see the people around you by their eyes try to change their eyes with Your Embracement to create a friendly environment of humanity and kindness and killing the diseases of racism in the minds of people. On the other hand, why the chalky peoples are free from the grip of racism. Suppose I don’t like the colour white then I would also be in the race of racism. Then I admire the quality of being racist because black is my favourite colour. Moreover, after such a long lengthy discussion on the hottest topic of racism. Let us see that how this lace of mind can vanish from the minds of the people around.

Following measurements can be taken:: 
1. People should have a broad sense of understanding on the topic of people's behaviour so that it will help all for better response.
2. People should create the sense of equality in the minds. 
3. A sense of integrity can also be the solution. 
4. When people's mind will embrace people of all race. 
5. Be Human. Humanity should be the core principle of the people all around. 

These steps should be strictly followed to make the nation a peaceful with the well-maintained decorum of society. Hold each other to build a stalwart firm where people are united, standing for each other and never let them fall. Especially, the youth of the nation is the ultimate strength of a particular country. Let their roar of passion be the voice against all the evil deeds in our society. After all, humanity is religiosity should be the motive of all the people of a nation. Clothes are made to discriminate all with each other, above all people are awarded different body shapes to draw that limit. Therefore it is a humble request to leave colour or caste discrimination for the sake of God. Nowadays, students also create a negative difference in the minds with the burden of multiple educational degrees. The students who are pursuing a medical course or following the legal path set their discriminatory standard and look down upon other courses which show their lack of maturity. Eventually, that becomes a disgrace to the society. The need to insert the CD of principles to make the roots stalwart with proper nourishment. Spray them with the fragrances of humanity, not with immorality. All the trees in the same garden need same nourishment altogether irrespective of their outer texture. All the people should be discriminated on the hard work not that the differences should make the lives of people hard. Change the way you differentiate. Differentiation must be on not showing the moral values, humanity, respect, towards each other. A person must be judged by qualification, the values and the principles. My personal urge to remove this word has emerged while typing this article and deep emotions are filled to the brim with the agony of being the existence of this all in all. Shoes are enough to be black let them shine with the black polish, but this theory doesn’t apply to the human mind. In contrast, Polish it with branded thoughts. Deleting all these casteism and racism would be like turning to the new leaf altogether. I have started to climb the ladder and to garner grandeur from the people who still indulge in the complicated system where I feel sophisticated to breathe. Today my approach to it is confined to only writing the article to be published, but surely one day I would be able to burn the bridge where people would have no other option to move ahead. They would be influenced by the action, and  I would take steps to delete this nonessential word from the globe. Serve the children with the food garnished with the anti-racism to develop the feeling of integration and togetherness. All the people should speak out in the same voice irrespective of their different tones. Some hands are black some are white, but all should serve the warmth of humanity to the people who need your support. Why just names and surname are not enough to discriminate person to person why this dirt of racism called as name exists? Now I am untying my shoes and want to relax after such a lengthy discussion. Eventually what I think now I should stop harping on and wait for the response to my article. Thank you for running your eyes upon. 

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