Pain was the ultimate source in making me strong

Geetanjali Kaur | 07-May-2017

Life is not a bed of roses; my heart has been hurt several times even I have fallen many times though I learned to get up with a smile. God gives us courage that whenever we fall, we can get up becoming stronger. We should be thankful to God who always gives every one of us the strength of fighting. I am not afraid of falling anymore now because God only makes fall those who are strong enough to stand up again.

Pain was the ultimate source in making me strong

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I don't know how should I start and what should I write as this is my first time in writing. Even though I'm a journalism student, yet scared to write because a year ago something happened that hurt my inner soul and overcoming from that was not so easy. I got humiliated for my writing style and vocabulary which was painful. That incident was a life changing moment for me as it was heartbreaking, felt like I'm on a wrong track and writing is just not my cup of tea. Things like confidence, self-esteem were all lost in me, almost for a year I did not found enough courage to start again or to learn. Whenever I tried to write it could never be able to come to an end. Fear was my worst enemy it never allowed me to do something. However, there were friends, who always guide the best and help's to know yourself better. Friends... who motivated me to start once again by overcoming my fear.

It is not easy to start when you don't have enough self-esteem in yourself, yet have to take a step further to start the journey once again by leaving all the fears behind. The beginning is always difficult, but this time my decision is firm and will not stop until the end. Everyone is unique in their way, the writing style of every individual is also different. Unlike others, I like to write simply, wish whatever I put down in words everyone get it without any complications. I'm not sure if anyone will like it or not but this is my first attempt and hope to improve by learning and writing.

Writing on complicated or significant matters is not what I want, happiness is the only thing which I am looking in writing that can make others smile or happy. People on the earth who have a lot yet, they are not satisfied because they are not pleased with what they have. It is good to dream big and run every day to achieve the goal, but nothing is worth if you are not satisfied.

Nowadays, things have become easier as we get platform easily available on the internet to showcase our talents. There are a variety of websites and social media sites which allow everyone to perform without hesitation and represent their work to the world. I am not sure if this will be selected or not yet had tried my best, not even wishing to win just hoping not to lose again and get hurt like earlier but this time, will not stop if I lose. I had read somewhere that "it's better to fail than never trying" and It is not the end, it is just a beginning of the path which I have chosen. It is nothing in comparison with what we have got that is the life of a human being, so rather than complaining fight for yourself and show to the world how strong you are.

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