Abolish Triple Talaq - Women Empowerment Not Religion Disgrace.

Nida Saqib | 08-May-2017

TRIPLE TALAQ, A highly buzzing topic all around. The topic which is for women empowerment and people are making it a religious matter. People who don't want to lose this gainful practice are those who want to dominate over women and thus giving it the name of religious right. OK! Forget it at present, let's see what does Islam say about divorce (talaq).

Abolish Triple Talaq - Women Empowerment Not Religion Disgrace.

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Divorce is not considered a good thing in any religion and so neither in Islam. But this does not mean that people's right to have divorce should be taken away. If husband and wife are not able to live peacefully together, so it's better to live happily being away than to spoil the whole life in cursing each other. So for this reason only there are procedures all around the world for getting a divorce. And so did Islam have one. At first, if some difference has come in between love birds then the family should come to rescue. But if they can't handle it too then the proper procedure provided by Quran should be followed to get a divorce. And that procedure says: When both of them or either of them had decided to take divorce, then they should wait for a menstruation of lady to finish. After that when she will be totally fine they can call two elders and have them as witness husband can tell his wife that he is giving divorce. 

He will say this just once and not twice or thrice. After this talaq, she will stay for three months with her husband without any physical relationship. And this is decided so that if in this time they can sort out the difference or realise that they want to be together so they can just live as before by informing those two witnesses. Or in case they want to end the relationship then the lady can go her way by taking her things and then her husband will no longer be her husband and thus he will have no right over her.

This is what Quran says about talaq. And there was no mention of triple talaq. What govt wants is totally in favour of women. I must let you know how people misuse this right. People use this as an easy way to get rid of their first wife to get married to another. In one case man said talaq thrice through text, and the poor lady considered it as talaq. 

In another case, a man said talaq thrice on call, and again their marriage was shredded. People use many means of communication to say talaq through them and not in person without providing any particular reason. They use letter, email, voice message, text and call but that is not a proper way of having divorce in any way still people consider it divorce. Men even use this ritual to threaten their wife for domestic violence and many other things. This is how Muslim women are being fooled in the name of religion.

India being secular country should have unity. If today govt is trying to abolish this sinful ritual, then people should not call it a religious matter. Once there was ritual known as sati which belonged to the Hindu community which stated that widow should immolate herself on her husband's pyre or commit suicide in another fashion shortly after her husband's death. That was also abolished because of the harm it was causing to women of India. After all, no matter men or women, children or old, everyone has the right to live a healthy life. If two people have come into relation with the notion of both of them then while giving it a closure both the parties should know the proper reason with a proper agreement and not just by instant repetition of one word thrice through some impersonal means.

The government is trying to remove this unfair way of giving divorce. They are not taking away the right of having a divorce, and I believe that they are doing something right. And thus we should support them without making it a religious view. In the end, I would like to tell you that these are my personal viewpoints with some real facts about Quran that I mentioned above. I don't want to offend anyone. Thank you.

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