For the power rangers of India

Saurabh Kumar | 10-May-2017

The other day I was scrolling Facebook and shared a post that read 'Hero Heroine Ko Toh Lakho Likes Milte Hai, Desh Ki Beti Ko Kitne Likes Milenge? Agar Sache Desh Bhakt Ho Toh Like And Share Karo'. Now I dare if you have a question about my patriotism!


For the power rangers of India

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How good we are when it comes to showing our patriotism over social media! Floods of trolls, memes and what not? Indeed we love our country. But where does this love go when we need to shower it? Where does this support go when it is the demand from the person in need? Well, we will try to figure this out!

Our army has been buzzing the headlines of late. Be it Surgical strike on September'16 or about the martyrs who didn't get justice; they are always hitting the headlines. Well, let's not talk about what they do for our country because we will fall short of a life to describe that. Let's talk about what we do for them!

Well, I thought what we do for them then I came to know about this case where an army man, 'Tej Bahadur' was dismissed because he shared a post against the quality of food on Facebook. The list doesn't end here; there are many pending cases of pensions which the family are supposed to get! I mean there are big promises that are made but expecting them is to be fulfilled, is foolishness; I didn't know my ex is governing the country!!

Besides, what an incredible country India is, here, 53% children are sexually abused by their well-knowns whereas we are ranked 4th in a number of rapes taking place every day also 4th in domestic violence and dangerous place for women and 1st in acid attacks!

Where our soldiers are serving the country, they're serving the court to get their right. And the one who kills our countrymen get the package of crores. Praiseworthy, right?

On the other hand, when I look at our neighbours, I find out how generous they are! They always provide us with the heat of bombs and grenades whenever we feel cold. How friendly and supportive is that! And in return what we do? We stop playing cricket against them. How cruel! I mean, we could have handled with more friendly behaviour like backfiring them or showing them where they stand, but no, we are people with big hearts. We will wait to get the dismantled head of our soldiers to ignite the fire of patriotism in our heart. Even when we keep getting these heartwarming presents from our neighbours, we keep talking about taking actions, keep discussing what we can do in return and end up with denying the proposal to play cricket with us. And I don't know how the good idea is that. Not playing cricket will bring peace. Surely, our government has taken Bapu's 'Ahinsa Parmo Dharma' too seriously. We are setting a benchmark to bring peace of humanity.

Back then in September'16 when 'surgical strike' happened, I thought we are finally up to something which was need of the moment. The surgical strike was something we were talking and expecting to happen. The secret plan of the military made us proud of our Jawans. We were proudly posting it over the Internet and social media (we were doing, what we are best at). And when I look at the scenario after that, there has been many attacks from neighbour's house. They keep bombarding our check posts, kill our soldiers and gift us their dismantled head, send their men to our country, and we keep embracing them and embarrassing ourselves. I have no credentials to talk about how it should be governed or operated, but there is one thing I know for sure that one keep killing our men don't deserve to be forgiven. If someone hurt us, try to harm virtue of us, should be treated as they deserve to be. Our army keeps asking for orders, and the one who is safe in their house are always busy in discussions and meetings. It's high time we should keep aside our 'Atithi Devo Bhavah' moto and treat the way they deserve.

If we are to learn how they deserve, then there is no better teacher than themselves. They had set some examples of that when they imprisoned a cricket fan who is an admirer of our captain Kohli and impressed by the class of our Captain he hoisted our Tricolour and some hours found himself in jail. What were we doing in return! We were employing their artists, musicians and actors to rich their livelihood. If surgical strike wouldn't have happened, there are high chances we would have still done same. 

'If friendship can do the work, why to be enemies?' I too believe that, but aren't we trying to do that since long? 

It's high time we should come along and stand tall against this. Instead of flooding Internet with trolls, memes, and Proud of our army posts, we've got to be their back. Trolls and memes will only showcase how humorous and creative we are- I know which they can't be- but will not stop bombarding and attacks. Let's get united and show everyone why we are proud to be Indians.

Jai Hind!!

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