Missing Moments Of Motherhood

Ekta Shah | 10-May-2017

When I look around I see a lot of happy faces: Children, Mothers, and Dads spreading just positive vibes. Happiness is contagious, unlike any other fortunate thing. Even if your mood is turned off, you can transform your face with a happy smile with a soothing environment around. A positive and happy environment is the ultimate despite any other goals.

Missing moments from Motherhood

Who doesn’t like happiness? And surely for a Mother, a child is the biggest joy. Motherhood is all about unconditional love, compassion with no expectations. Being a mother is a priceless moment and not denying the umpteen responsibilities that come with it.

I am also a Mom of two and during these years of motherhood, I had many phases where I fell, rose, learned and still working out the ongoing process. Things have changed drastically within these years and I have grown up as a much responsible Mom and a social person. But with my past and the current scenario of motherhood, I observed one thing which is being missed out at large. And this surely cannot be ignored which is an important phase of motherhood. This is the phase where Mom has to sail through it and if she balances it out well then its good else the reflection will leave its mark.

I am unaware how many can connect them with the less talked about the word: PPD (post-partum depression) or a word which is one of the most ignored topics. PPD is a cliché which undoubtedly affects each Mom post delivery. Some are well aware of it and never let this devil take over them. And for few, they get to know once PPD takes over them with the period of time.

Who can better share the experience of PPD like me? Post my second delivery I didn't realise what has happened to me. Why was I so dull and lethargic all the time? Why was motherhood burdening me? And the most wanted answer….I wish I could get a break for few days apart from this mundane task.

Most of the women and even doctors don’t discuss this depression which can be temporary or can be little longer than expected. Also, one needs to accept the situation to come out of it or to look for a solution. But until PPD wouldn’t be considered as one of the important aspects unlike any other aspects; Mom will surely bear the brunt. The chances are high that PPD will slowly affect the physical and mental health.

One must admit, women are the backbone of every family and for a society and if she is not well then ultimately this will affect all directly or indirectly. Apparently, depression might find its way out through anger, unwanted discussions, and personal tiffs and weak immunity.

So ultimately sufferers could be many apart from a mother.

In my case, I did discuss my problem with many doctors, but none of them talked about PPD. This was nearly six years back. Fast forwarding with the present situation what I understand and observed is many are still unaware of facts and its repercussions on mental health. I suffered a lot due to this, and I reached to a point where I had few anxiety attacks, and I had to land in an emergency due to sudden shortness of breath. Slowly I discovered that all these years I was suffering from PPD and accepted the fact that I was depressed that moment. But the day I accepted my situation I started to fight it back with all the positivity.  Later when I was out of the trap, I realised that I missed many memorable moments of early motherhood. But anyways, better late than never!

Frankly, I don’t want any other woman to suffer it the same manner as I did. I know it’s difficult to reach out every single woman on social media but better we talk about it and spread it socially and verbally to every possible woman around us. After all, motherhood knows no boundaries. Let each mother enjoy the best moments with her child as the happiest one to cherish it for the lifelong and of course the helping hands during that period should also need to cater her little better.



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