Optimise Property Management Strategy through Social Media

Ayda Jamar | 10-May-2017

Optimise Property Management Strategy through Social Media

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It’s ironic how a typical property management company evolves into a “people management organisation”, and the trend has taken its toll during the last few years. Undoubtedly, without tenants and buyers, the very reason to manage properties would cease. You can conveniently hire a grass cutter, pay utility bills from the confines of your bedroom and simply unwind on the sofa every day!

To be successful in almost every competitive business especially property management, it requires a bit of elbow grease and standing out from the crowd. The best way to do this is through real-time engagement with buyers, owners and tenants whereas one of the most radical means of engaging with the world out there is with social media.

If all that web traffic on social media platform isn’t motivating enough, check out how a real estate management firm can optimise its services and garner long-term success in the shortest timeframe.


Unlike any other advertising campaign, promoting real estate inventory over social media is a way to reach a global audience. Start by creating a Facebook fan page for complete listings or simply a solo page dedicated to a particular property or company bearing details, crisp images and virtual tour function that ought to get views and likes beyond expected. It’ll eventually expose your properties to thousands of tenant spread across the globe.

Marketing strategies deployed by Pinterest are also useful especially when it comes to incorporate neighbourhood with details of the city. Like the price and other details, property location is also important and a determinant of buyer/renter’s decision. Through Pinterest, you can promote local attractions, restaurants and neighbourhood features by including premium quality images, audio/video tutorials, property tours and other essential aspects.

It isn’t that you totally overlook print and other online mediums; you can significantly reduce advertising cost through social media listings especially Facebook and Twitter ads that are highly effective. Gauging the results is far easier on mobile and desktop application versions!

Widen the social network

Social networking websites other than the regular Facebook and Twitter is an excellent way to expand the social circle and connect with buyers, sellers, tenants as well as property management industry experts. LinkedIn and Google+ are other good social sites dedicated especially to professionals while bridging communication safely, efficiently and productively.

It’s perhaps one of the most exciting ways to introduce management teams to residents, post updates relevant to activities and expected development in the area or even featuring on-site events. This is crucial to encourage followers and consider a small incentive or giveaway for “follows” such as a rental discount, free parking and so on. Thanks to this firm that deals in property management in Dubai, for this tip.

Market trends

Social media posts also let you updated to the current market trends in light of buyer/renter’s preference such as apartment, condominiums or homes. Devote some moments to reading and know what people have to say as information would surely help in devising a plausible property management strategy.

For instance, a search of apartment trends on either social media platform would tell you prospects are interesting in apartments geared with state-of-the-art technology and basic amenities at an arm’s length.

Smart technology has resulted in connected homes allowing occupants to manage interior temperature, door locks, security and entertainment system conveniently through smart device applications. This is rather an innovative approach and likely to gain momentum in coming times.

Lead generation

A general survey revealed that more than 71 percent users are active on social media and all relevant websites or platforms are being exploited for real estate search and management. These social networking websites streamline the property hunt process from the start through recommendations, interactive media to probe deeper into the unit, search listings, incentives and other critical details. All of this can be termed as “lead generation” resulting in the successful deployment of property management strategies and deals.


Provided above are a few steps on how you can optimise real estate management through social media, taking it to the next level and securing long-term success.

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