The Plight of the Weaker Sex

Sonali Priyadarsini | 11-May-2017

Foremost, don't mistake me for a male-bashing obsessed misandrist. The word here is the reflection of a blossoming mind which is trying to articulate the Coruscant hues as the bud emerges out of the calyx with its petals intact.

The patriarchal community that we thrive in allows the privilege to the male section just because they carry a Y-chromosome in their genes. Their latitudinarian lifestyle is a function of their entities as 'house-lord' and 'stronger sex'. 

Contrarily, a girl's childhood begins, nurtures and perishes, thinking "when I grow up, I'll go out alone."
"when I grow up, I'll have boyfriends."
"when I grow up, I'll buy my own belongings."
"when I grow up, I'll not seek permission for everything."
"when I grow up, I'll make my own decisions."
"when I grow up, I'll teach them what a girl can do, all by herself"
"when I grow up, I'll be more of myself- more ferociously valiant and beaming". 

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Her early years of psychological development are influenced by these mental duels, where her raging spirits struggle against the shackles of society.
After years, her younger brother is permitted to undertake late-night excursions and to buy whatever he wants to eat for dinner from a nearby market.
He has a gang of friends; he is given ample of bucks that he spends recklessly. He can express his rage and is considered correct for doing so, crack jokes and laugh as loudly as he wants but is never asked to behave as a gentleman should- is never told you're too loud, arrogant, humorous, independent to be a spoiled brat. The social code of conduct only becomes applicable when a girl appears at the scene. 

A major part of a girl's life goes in exploring her lost identity as a human being. In telling herself that there's no need to put a full stop to your existence just because she doesn't fit into their definition of being a dignified lady.
She doesn't  laugh as much as she wishes to,  she doesn't wail enough, doesn't play enough, doesn't fail enough, doesn't learn enough in her childhood because they always belittle her to a puppet, who needs control strings instead of wings. 

The quandary in the present society is with women who master at coercing self-consuming thoughts into positive words.
Here in our patriarchally bent place, they take pride in small things like my daughter stays in a room when there are guests at home, she never laughs loudly, shows no anger, despair or hatred.
Girls don't dream to fly, they learn about utensils and sewing needles, they are taught that men have loud voices, violent minds and harsh demeanour which is absolutely okay and you dare not oppose or revolt.

The problem is that the most rooted male chauvinism resides in small corners in extreme stubborn forms. Their children do get to see what these men don't see, but they have in them a built-in wall for women who can talk. Women who can speak about their bodies, rights and opinions.

These men perceive women to be space-occupiers, pain-bearers. It's useless, whatever a woman has to say. 

*Let me tell you, they have a problem with the women voicing opinionsThey want women to learn what they teach, not a word less not a word more. More than ridiculous, it's painful and agonising because they're untouched of core issues that women go through. They are only echoing what paid-with-shit media is serving them, and media (barring one or two platforms) shows what people want to see instead of what people should see. Media, in other words, has become an instrument to further pander to the lustful masses who see women as nothing but machines to fulfil their needs, be it their obsession to bash women or quench their physical thirst.

Before anything, their problem is these women with voice and opinions. I don't say idealise the very thought of bettering these things as pseudo-feminism does, but at least don't sabotage the basic amenities that she deserves like the way she carries herself. Just don't. Let not Providence regret his decision of making two genders.

Let her soar be as high as her caged heart urges to. Let her run maniacally into fields. Let her be more of herself. Just let her.

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