Mental Health - My Personal Experiences

Amrit Versha | 13-May-2017

Has it ever happened to you that your heart felt heavy for days, but you could not express it at all? Did you keep searching for words to explain it but you ended up with silence? Have you ever had such kind of strange thoughts that you could not share with anyone? I know there are many of us, who have experienced such feelings at some point in our life. However, there are only a few of us, who decided to open up and fix up everything. Frankly speaking, in my opinion, if you are emotionally unwell or what they call it as to be depressed (a heavy term), then going to a psychiatrist or a psychologist is as normal as going to a dentist or any other doctor.

Mental Health - My Personal Experiences

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But what I told you is only my opinion. After all, how can we forget that human being is a social animal, right? So let’s talk about our social duties. We are a group of people living together in the same territory. Since our childhood, we have been taught about the moral values of helping, sharing and caring. Have we really learned anything? A big no. Do you want to know why? More than fifty million people in India have a mental illness. Do they consult a doctor for it? Or do they even consider it as an illness? Perhaps no. But what’s the reason behind it? When a person can normally accept any physical disease, then why not a mental one? There is a simple reason behind it; it is our so-called “caring society.” Sometimes I feel that our society is too caring to let us live our lives freely, by our choice.

You must be thinking why I am so insensitive while talking about our society. I have a strong reason for it. I have been suffering from depression (typically bipolar disorder) along with another mental illness, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD), from three years. I can boldly tell this to anyone without even having a second thought that what the next person is going to think about it. Why am I like this? Because I know that it is not my fault. It is a normal medical condition, which needs professional support and strong will power.

I would like to share a few of the strangest yet funny incidents of my life after I was diagnosed with my disorders. As we all know that India is full of superstitions, so one such thing happened with me also. My parents were trying to help me in getting cured by tooth and nails. They were putting their best efforts, but my extreme mood swings, suicidal tendencies, aggression, grief, insomnia, obsessions, and compulsions were not ready to leave me. Finally, my parents took me to a place of a very renowned saint. They were following him very obediently. According to him, I was possessed by a ghost. He immediately cut a strand of my hair and took some blood from one of my fingers by pinching it with a needle. He kept me sitting near a huge fire and performed some rituals. But did all this work? Of course not. It was all absurd. Many of my neighbours gave me weird looks as if I was a murderer. Not only my neighbours but my relatives also started treating me with contempt and they did all the best possible things they could do to make me feel the worst. People left me and humiliated me when I needed them the most. But I still survived through all those storms because my family was right there for me at my each step. I also lagged behind in my studies and that was the most hurting thing for me. But my mother told me that time cures everything and hope is life. Many times I even shouted on my doctor, for I distrusted him. However, I realised later that he is my God. He gave me a new life.

Psychiatrists and psychologists are entirely different from other doctors. They are, at first, your friends. You can tell them whatever you want. Just anything. No matter even if it is weird. They will not react abnormally to it, and the biggest thing is that they will be all ears. You can tell them everything at ease. So please, if you are really having any emotional problem or mental stress, which is keeping you stuck in your life, then don’t hesitate in consulting a doctor. Moreover, parents also need to understand that the health of their child is more important than what the society will think about them. Please ignore this stigma and take a move forward.

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