Dreams for a New India

Sheela Joby | 14-May-2017

Envision the world where individuals have brought a huge change in themselves and are not forcing others to change.

The initial step is to change yourself - see how simple it is. It's far superior to transforming another person. The most amusing thing today is that we say that our brain is not in our control and we attempt to control others' psyches and identities. Doesn't that sound senseless?

Let’s talk about Women Safety! Men of India have been taught to show superiority over women. This fact makes a big impact on the minds of young ones. So, people have to foster capable individuals by having a strong and very positive influence on the kids, of the next generation. The young ones have to be taught to respect women, to uphold what is right and what is humane. Rather than showing them a picture of suppressing women, dominating over women, they have to be taught that women must be respected otherwise their families will never grow and develop. Where women are not respected, their land never develops.

Moreover, each young lady ought to have the Right to Live, Right to Education and Right to Marry (no respect executing). 

Let us look at another issue - Debasement in India. How many of us are confronting the challenge of demonetization, and it’s after effects? I think no one can escape that situation. But to actualize the dream of the big leaders of India, we need to go through such painful times. However harsh the reality is, once we face it, it gives us immense power to regenerate that old spirit in us and rekindles the hope of winning. Winning is very important in life. Otherwise, we would never be able to help our society grow and will allow the negative forces to take possession of our bodies which would eventually harm others. It will be a sin committed by us then.

Dreams for a New India

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Good governance is the need of the hour. Many people are critics of the present government. But they have forgotten that even previous governments were not deserving of appreciation and acknowledgement. So why catch hold of just one person or his government. What is the use? Rather, we should be encouraged to do our best and bring the best government through our wise decisions during the election time. That is the peak time when we should work on deciding the best for our country, but we are not executing our responsibilities. Then why do we expect our government to be responsible?

It is needless to say humanitarian work and service to all our citizens is immensely required. If it comes to the older adults, we need to begin by deciding the correct age of retirement for the government officials and take care of them properly. The scene is just reverse in the present times. For their own pensions, the elderly have to run up and down.

Then the black money has to be restrained, and the new inflow of black money has to be blocked. There is an urgent need for stringent laws and regulations. Their strict implementation is very essential.

Population control can never be neglected. It is an issue that needs further study, research, and solutions. Proper framing of the laws again is the need of the time. Seepage and sewage are the two most essential entities to be worked at with full vigour. Broken streets and potholes have to be covered up with concrete material. Drinking water facilities have to be improvised. The agrarian economy has to be boosted with all kinds of development. The power supply is yet another daily requirement which has to be secured for the general public. 

Reservation in government jobs is a menace or a boon. It has to be resolved now. The ratio of police to the people ought to be balanced. It has an imbalanced ratio at present all over the country. Regulation of greenery cannot be done away with. Apart from these issues, poverty alleviation and housing program for the poor requires complete support. For this and other problems, moral values need to be inculcated in the Indians, which they have forgotten.

And all this needs a perfect administration. It will channelize the energy of youth in the right direction and will give them appropriate employment opportunities. Then comes the issue of utilisation of renewable energy like wind, water, and solar energy.

Coming back to the government, a thorough investigation is needed to be done on the improper use of government facilities by the government officials. All the luxuries of such people have to be checked and controlled. Even the legislators have to check the language used. They might use derogatory language. More issues to be dealt with are – discrimination on any basis, hunger alleviation program using 1098, growth and development of smaller cities. Then, all the street creatures must be protected. Technological advancement has to be worked upon urgently.

The courtrooms are filled therefore mobile courts or courts that provide immediate solutions are required. The mental makeup of the Indians which is usually the “Chalta hai” attitude that means “let it be” attitude has to change. The Indians need to change themselves and a proper regulation is required for each thing. Why the people are not developing themselves may not be answered easily, but that is the primary reason for India’s backwardness in every field. Simply putting all these factors makes India vulnerable to world’s mockery which not every Indian can tolerate. The rest of the Indians are just not bothered. They are only bothered about “my name, my fame, my money, my family, my children, my job, my career, etc…”.  This “My” is not getting dissolved. Until this “My” is dissolved, no more development would be done.

A crucial work is to spread the Indian culture like never before. It is not to convert or propagate, but it is the high time when Indian culture needs to be sung out and all the Indians must be made to realise that they have forgotten an important phase of their life. Our culture is our heritage and we must respect and uphold it.

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