Freedom of Speech - An Axe To Gain Limelight

Amit Singh | 14-May-2017

Freedom of speech is an important part of any democratic country, and one should abide by this and respect this facet of freedom, this freedom is kind of thing that separates the anarchy government and democratic government. But the other side of this freedom creates such kind of situation or I say havoc which makes things uncontrollable. Freedom of speech is the good thing but should there be no limitation on this? Hate speech is not freedom of expression; A person is free to do things in his backyard. Let us consider a stick idiom; you are free to bang your stick till it does not hit others do you pick your stick and start beating others in the name of I have right to freedom, right to express myself. Have you ever applied these excuses on a person? I advise you to do this for once and tell me the reaction. Our country has given ample amount of rights, but still, some narrow-minded laggards beg for Aazadi we can easily locate those recently which we saw in prestigious Ramjas College. The college which has in its soil the values of Mahatma Gandhi, the pillar of constitution making Dr Bhim Rao Ambedkar, And other universities like JNU, Jadavpur, etc. calling Azadi on the campus where we associate ourselves to both our national heroes is kind of disrespect to my eyes. Freedom of speech is good till the time it doesn't disrespect the sentiments of others the time your stick hits others your limitation ends there. To all those who were shouting Azadi can they elaborate what kind of Azadi, Kashmir is an integral part of India so is Bastar, and the place where Azadi is trying to be sought is in India. Go outside India and get some first-hand experience. People die for their motherland what happens when it comes to Bharat Mata. In the act of constitutional right where goes their constitutional duty. In the name of freedom of speech, some people are challenging State Apparatus, should there be no limitation on this freedom of speech? Can any writer-activist cartoonist social activist or any other simple man can disrespect others' sentiments in the name of their freedom to speech? 

Freedom of Speech - An Axe To Gain Limelight

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To me, this type of freedom of speech is not good by any means. The Incidents like Ramjas, JNU create a sentimental attack. What results they give we all know it's not disillusion. Yes, events like these give the opportunity to communalist who ever wait for things like these so that they can mould situation in their advantage. They make use of these incidents to make a separation between people. This goes into their political agenda and then spread violence, unrest amongst the people, which results in a riot, clash, protests. Students who had gone to Ramjas for gaining knowledge end up being sufferers what was their fault? Had they not got hurt? Should they also do what they bear on themselves? Can they not go for their right of freedom. They can, they very much can. Remember that stick example right now that stick has struck Ramjas. Better hide your stick else they very much knew the game of Guli Danda. There are many wrong deeds which are being done in the name of freedom of speech in Rajasthan where a teacher presents a reverse image of India's map, self-crafted people shouting Bharat Tere Tukde Honge, Indian army Murdabad in the shed of freedom of speech. Freedom of speech is fine, but that doesn't let you do shameful acts like that. We should understand the usage of freedom of speech as such it does not hurt others. Killing people hurting sentiments in the name of freedom is not good by any stretch of the imagination. There has not been full freedom to speech ever in the history of the world. Article 19A gives you freedom of speech, but also there are points mentioned (in article 19B ) under which it should be seized away violating the limitation of use. Learn to use this in right path Gautam Budh, Vivekananda, Mahavir­ used this in right path. It's better they hold books in their hands, Do not hurt their sentiments. Else they are excellent in the game of  Guli Danda. We all have witnessed what happened to Salman Rushdie and MF Hussain in the case of freedom of speech. If we want peace in the country and the world, we must set limitation to this freedom of speech.

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