Black Magic In India - A Cultural Dark Spot Government Should Act Against

Shakhi Verma | 15-May-2017

We live in a world of dualism where Bright and Dark are like two sides of the same coin. We know the bright side of the world but forget to talk about the dark side of it “superstitious acts.” Black Magic or Witchcraft is an inhuman act of the devil's believers and it isn’t something new to the world! It has always been the misery of civilised society. But now these acts are not limited to devil believers only, in the world where competitions are rising and every day a new hurdle comes in a path of a dream or desire, people are taking the support of it.

Black Magic In India - A Cultural Dark Spot Government Should Act Against

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No matter where technology and science have reached, these curses always somehow manage to survive in the practice of self-growth or DESIRE! And, whom should we blame? It's only we, the humans, who always look for a quick fix of every problem and want to get rid of that as soon as possible.

Where there is a good, there is a bad. We have been taught this since childhood and thus all of us have always respected the fire means good, not the smoke. But unfortunately, where the man is conquering the space and the Mars, in that era of development people are looking for the solutions of their problems in the method of Stone Age.

For many folks, black magic is still a myth, unaware of the fact that every year many lives are in danger due to this life-threatening practice, especially in the rural and the tribal areas of the country. Now, black magic and witchcraft are not only performed by uneducated people who are unaware of everything but also a major part of a modern life where people are adapting this path due to selfishness, greed, hate, revenge.

Unfortunately, in a dark side of society, it exists! And not only in the remote areas or the illiterates only perform such inhuman activities but a literate person who knows the good and bad are also indulging in this and every year n number of cases take places in cities like Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, Kolkata and more. Many innocent lives suffer due to this; just because of self-wellness and desires, people choose to make an innocent life suffer.

In the name of wellness of one, people are being tortured, murdered, women are motorcade naked saying she is a witch and are being sexually exploited by so-called godmen. What not is happening on the pretext of the solution to the problems of a common man? People opt to look for the solutions to their problem without giving a thought about the consequences of such ridiculous criminal act. They even don’t know that this is a crime, but why? No one has ever thought why many are so influenced with this?

We’ve talked much about the insensible issue, but no one bothered to speak about Evil and Aghori practices, black magic acts. Why? Because they don’t take place openly and there is no proof of it. And why should public raise a voice against it when the government is not taking further steps. Right?

Well, let me tell that change has started and applause for the Maharashtra government for introducing the law against black magic that is Maharashtra Prevention and Eradication of Human Sacrifice and other Inhuman, Evil and Aghori Practices and Black Magic Act, 2013.

But making a law only in one state will help? No! Like Maharashtra, every state government needs to make a strict law against such act and the performers. But passing a law is not enough in India because many are not aware of it.

The government needs to make police officials aware first because they won’t file a FIR on the basis of this without knowing a law and then comes the second step to educate society about the law and what punishments they will suffer if found guilty.

A law alone will do no wonders. What else a society and government together needs to do? Make people aware of it through the religious gurus. A society and the government needs to be courageous to talk to them and ask them to convey a message against it saying the harmful results one might suffer later and convince them to be against it.

Black magic will never vanish from the society until and else, society and the government together stand against it take actions and make everyone aware of the cons of this evil act.

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