Why Feelings Matter

Pratikshya Pandav | 15-May-2017

Ever had a dream of becoming a successful pilot, doctor, astronaut or whatever it be during your childhood? Of course yes, everyone had it. Unfortunately, those are only dreams for most of us. And the reason? Our feelings which are long gone, lost.

Why Feelings Matter

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Today, I realised that I'm nothing without the feelings I felt. A thing happened and (drum rolls) all the feelings I had, are lost. Now, I'm just sitting here writing with the flow. Like you, I have also shattered those dreams. I got to know that as long as there are feelings, we tend to achieve and work for our dreams. The reason is that during your childhood, you just wanted your dream to come true because you felt that around you. You imagined the amount of respect and happiness you would have had if you were whatever you dreamt in your childhood. Einstein rightly said it - "Imagination is greater than knowledge."

Imagination needs feelings. It is hard to imagine without those sentiments. Ask yourself, since the day you've believed that you should be cold; you just stopped imagining those dreams. If not, I must say you're a legend (no sarcasm intended). As I'm writing, I realise that I should not feel cold, but the world around me doesn't stop me from doing so. I get confused about what to do. Oh wait, something sparked my mind. Does the world around you matter to those dreams you had? I agree on a few people matter, but they won't stop you. And if the matter comes to the pain you get, at least the pain will make you strive for your dream to come true and follow your passion. When we were children, we didn't think the world would be like this; we didn't think that growing up would be so tough; all we did was imagining our dreams and living in that moment. If we had the knowledge and strength to make, our dreams come true those times, how amazing it would have been! The child in us —it's held in the prison of chaos and heartbreaks. Maybe we should let it free and don't care about what the world is, and don't think about the hardships of growing. Maybe we should just focus on our dreams, and let imagination be our inspiration. Maybe we should enjoy the way we want, and work on our passions at the same time.

Without feelings, you couldn't love your beloved the same, neither you could feel the love. The friendship with your best friend might not have been the same. Parents and children wouldn't have an unbreakable bond. Without it, no one will hate you, but no one is going to love you either.

Wooh! I don't know what would I've done if writing never existed. Now I feel myself back. I'm getting back in the right direction. Maybe you should write down your dreams too, you might feel as ignited as I am right now or maybe you can do what you love the most.

Happy following-your-passion journey!

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