Five Concerns India Needs To Focus On

Priyanshi Jain | 16-May-2017

Before discussing the major problems of INDIA firstly let us talk about what INDIA is? In ancient times INDIA was known as the "Bird Of Gold", but our country was no more a golden bird due to some craters.India is a country of different religions and festivals people celebrate multi festivals with great enthusiasm and joy, but there are many major problems of INDIA which are as follows:-

CHILD LABOUR- First we must know what is child labour? Children under 14 years of age are made to work in factories, shops, homes, etc. Have you ever thought why children below the age of 14 are working? There are many reasons for it. In villages, people don't want their kids to study. They just want them to work and earn money for their family. Also, some children are forced to do so. Their masters are harassing them and even sometimes they are beaten by them. We can solve the problem of child labour by making the schooling mandatory and free. Creating awareness about the importance of education among people can also decrease child labour.

Five Concerns India Needs To Focus On

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POVERTY- Poverty arises due to rising prices. Government keep on increasing prices of daily use things like dairy products, good, clothes, etc. Now the question arises why the price of different products increases? One of the reason is that our government is supplying best quality products to foreign countries due to which demand of these products is increasing. Another reason is that people usually in marriages, hostels and parties waste lot of food that is beyond the level. They never even think about how much food is getting wasted. They take a lot of food in their plates and then eat a little food and waste the rest. Due to this reason, many poor people, small children are not getting food and many people die every day. If anybody is asked to take less food they think that the person is interfering in his life. But that is wrong. We have to understand the value of food. FOOD is similar to TIME. Like time never waits for anyone and it is very precious. Similarly, food is very precious and valuable and once food got wasted, it will never come back. 

LABOUR ARE NOT GETTING PROPER WAGES- As we know 1st May is known as the "Labour Day" but only a few people know this. Even it is not celebrated in India. Our labours are not getting decent wages, either they got only a half of it or less than that. WHY? Labours are helpless to do so because they have to nourish and cherish their family. They have no other option. So contractors use them and give them less money. They do so much hard work and make roads, railway lines, do the planting for us, but we are the one who never cares about them. So, labours must be given proper respect and wages.

CASTE DISCRIMINATION- There are many religions like Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Isai, Jains, etc. All are living in the same world then why is their discrimination on the basis of caste or religion? Why are people of lower caste getting special quotas? Today, it is true that many people of even lower castes are living a luxurious life and people of upper caste are below poverty line. Due to this, many knowledgeable students left behind and less deserving moves forward. So, the government should remove all these special quotas and make everyone equal.

WATER SCARCITY- Day by day, the water level is decreasing. Many people waste a lot of water. They use the taps and let it open after use. Nowadays, in marriages water bottles are used due to which more water is wasted because people take a bottle, drink a little of water and throw it. But we must understand the need of water, it is very precious and it is used everywhere like in producing electricity, washing clothes, utensils, drinking, food and much more. 


Last but not the least, I want to conclude that India is a great country, but there are many problems which we have to solve. We are the only one who can address these problems and make our country problem free and again we can call it "THE GOLDEN BIRD". 

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