The Wrong Kind of Feminism!

Jincy Kapoor | 16-May-2017

Well, before you comprehend me being a non-feminist and start bashing me for not standing for equal rights of women, let me tell you I’m a proud Feminist!

Just as every coin has two sides, in a similar manner there are two sides of the much-used term “Feminism” into the bargain. All I need to say when I talk about the wrong kind of feminism is that many girls/women amongst us these days think that doing every wrong a man can do also comes under feminism. But here I wanna raise a question, Is it really so?

The Wrong Kind of Feminism!

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Let’s start with the word feminism; this can indeed have a different meaning for different people but, in general, it talks about the equal rights that we women from all walks of life deserve, just as men. Yes, we women deserve to raise our voice for right and wrong as a man does. Yes, we have the right to be ambitious, Yes we do have the right to chase our dreams. Yes, we have the right to receive education, Yes we do have the right to get paid as much for our abilities as men do. This is what I particularly understand about the word Feminism. Well, here I can be somewhat wrong for some people. However, for me, this is the right kind of feminism!

Now coming to what I believe as the Wrong Kind of Feminism! To me, when we start justifying our wrong deeds taking the back of feminism is when we fall on the wrong side of the metaphor. Like when we start drinking alcohol, smoke, do any other harm to our body and justify it saying that “if men can do, why can’t I” is the point when we are using it for all wrong.  Yes, I am no one to say whether or not a woman should drink or smoke as it’s a personal choice. But, here I am only making a point that just for showing men that we can do everything that they can, it’s not worth!

Girls if you want to enjoy a few drinks over the weekend to take your stress off, knowing the limit and all the cons it brings then it’s all fine. But doing anything just to show yourself cool or at par with the men in the society isn’t anything you even require to do. You are at par or even better than men, but you don’t require proving any point at the stake of your health or safety.

Bad habits like drinking, smoking or taking drugs are as wrong for anyone as they could be. Irrespective of any gender be it, he, she or any transgender, Right is Right for everyone and Wrong is Wrong! Yes, indeed, be a feminist, but don’t be fool enough to harm yourself considering other foolish men out there who are already doing it to themselves.

As far as Feminism (the place of women in our society) is concerned, we yet have a long way to go and I don’t think we women can afford to waste our time this ‘Wrong Kind of Feminism”!!

Stay Feminist, Stay Healthy.

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