Don't they deserve equal respect

Ishani Sanyal | 17-May-2017

We always respected and gave lots of importance and respect to those people who are Indian celebrities like Amitabh Bachchan, Sachin Tendulkar and appreciated them for their talent. But there are many categories of individuals who deserve equal value. People who give us internet connection, phone connection, LPG cylinder delivery boys, Jabong, eBay, Amazon, Myntra delivery boys, army men, road constructors, maids, sweepers, electricians, labourers, mobile tower makers. People who deliver almirah, furniture, refrigerators, dining table, television sets to respective houses. They do their work in scorching heat, winters, heavy rains whatever harsh climate may be and even if the customer lives miles away and if light moves they climb upstairs to deliver the things.They work hard day and night till early morning to midnight only to provide facilities to people. Even if someone in their family is very sick and they have wives and children. They make it a point to get their work done even if they have to skip their lunch, breakfast and dinner. Labourers and farmers who have to carry their children in their arms and build houses, would our life do we ever imagined what if these people were their how our life would be without them? If there was no internet provider, who would give us the services. If there was no army, who would protect our country, our children from enemies. If there were no farmers, who would produce seeds, irrigate lands for us.But do we ever thought of their sacrifices, their pains, hard work sincerity? No, we have never even once even paid any gratitude or valued them and their work. But they selflessly without even expecting any validation gave us lots of comforts, comfortable life and all the facilities, they are an equally important in fact necessary aspect of our lives. We often complain about the hot weather, and want to switch on the a.c to get cold air, in winters we sit in heaters, in rainfall we look for raincoats and umbrella but what about such people who don’t even have these things. But they never asked for such comfort zone though they also felt the same they neglected those things only for the sake of their customers and to earn bread for themselves and their family.

Don't they deserve equal respect

The next type in the category includes Bollywood and small screen people. No, we aren’t talking about actors, actresses. Here, we are talking about the professions which are never mentioned such as stuntmen, technicians, set designers, makeup men, makeup women, dubbing artists, event management company, event managers, graphic designers, cinematographers, hair stylists, creative head, creative team, associate director, associate producer, script writer, concept and story writer, spot boy, voiceover artists, movie anchors, art designers, and set designers, music directors. 

These are those people who are most important aspects needed to make movie and serials but are hardly given any importance neither we know them, nor anyone has discussed them. But a movie, a show, and a serial is nothing without them if they never existed then who would take responsibility to do stunts, to write a concept as well as dialogues, who would do makeup of actors and actresses and who would do dubbing and voiceover, anchoring in movies, who would become spot boys, who would organize events, because they are there the movie, the show, the serial becomes complete.

If we are asked who was the technician of that serial and in all movies, we are unable to answer, nor do we know who has done hair styling in different movies, shows, serials we aren’t able to reply. If we have to say who are the creative heads we don’t have any idea, nor do we know who was an associate director, associate producer, associate team. And, when it comes to fashion designers except for few dress designers like Manish Malhotra if we have to mention who is the set designer of serial rest we don’t have any information. Same with cinematographers and Graphic designers, if we have to mention who is the set designer of serial, And art designers and set designers Bade Achche Lagte Hain, Yeh Rishta Kya Keh Lata Hai we can’t say. Because these are the categories which are never mentioned. But they are very very valuable and necessary aspects of each serial, shows as well as movies.

They are never given any credits for their hard work, but they have done a lot for every show, serial and flick. But though the actors, actresses, singers, co-star get awards. These people who work behind the scenes never received any award.

Is there any award for makeup artists no, neither lightmen, cameramen, spot boy, dubbing and voiceover, lyricists. But they deserve lots and lots of praise for their efforts every time they burn the midnight oil to get their movie, serial, show work done.

And should get a huge round of applause for their sincerity without which not a single serial, movie, cinematographers and show is anything. They are essential parts of each flick, show and series. Graphic designers make a movie look lively. Art and set designers are highly creative persons who gave their best to design the sets. Stuntmen have to undergo a lot of pain to make the stunts look effective and realistic. Some even risked their lives to get each scene. Cinematographers have contributed a lot in each movie, hardworking dialogue writers have given life to each character. So again there should be an award and reward working behind the scenes people. In the end, we salute these people for their work, their sincerity, their hard work. A vote of thanks to each category - tata sky provider, internet provider, labourers, maids, sweepers, road builders, Jabong, eBay, Amazon, Myntra, furniture, television set delivery people, farmers, lieutenants, lyricists, and again all movie, show and serial people which are mentioned above-spot boys, stuntmen, cinematographers, set designers, makeup artists, concept and story writers, and expect that there should be an award for the common men and television, show and movie categories discussed above.

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