Kashmir Issue: Understanding the Issue and Finding its possible resolution

Puneet Gupta | 18-May-2017

'Old is Gold' is a famous saying that implies everyone that has gone past the rest of time is as equivalent to gold. This, therefore, has become a popular saying which has been heard countless times by us. But does it apply to an issue of Kashmir which has only produced martyrs for us and has led to sacrifices from many of our soldiers? Well, if we go by the political will shown by the Indian government from the past 70 years, I can definitely say yes. Our ancestors have suffered the plight of partition. They have undergone the pain associated with the freedom which was a result of sacrifices of thousands of our volunteers who came up just for the cause of freedom of their country. And then what we remember as one of the most disastrous episodes in the history of India as partition was a result of faulty political decision making causing thousands to say goodbye to their life and making friends with death. In short, those at the helm of political affairs made us suffer just because of their own selfish political ambitions.

Kashmir Issue: Understanding the Issue and Finding its possible resolution

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And as we have witnessed in the post-independence era, we are still suffering from the indecisive mindset of the politicians. Our soldiers have been made scapegoats of the indecisive and ridiculous mindset of the politicians due to which we see news of the martyrdom of our soldiers every next day. But the fact of the matter lies in what has made this issue so big and why we have been unable to maintain peace in the valley for long. The attitude of the government is one thing that has to be blamed for worsening of the situation to such extent that is synonymous to a 'do or die' situation.

Our politicians, as we already know, have the most casual approach due to which this issue has not been resolved as of now. The political will of these politicians can seriously be doubted for the simple reason that we have not been able to make the people of Kashmir responsible Indian citizens.The manner in which the government has acted on this issue has been quite questionable. Some comments of the politicians have been very obnoxious which have not done any good to the current situation. Various such instances are there where politicians of Kashmir instead of addressing the people and resolving the problem issue irrelevant statements that are against the very spirit of nationalism. Such politicians only care for their own selfish interest and do not at all care for the feelings of people associated with it. This so called Kashmiri Rakshaks goes to the extent of indulging with separatists at their own convenience so as to maintain their vote bank. They in turn induce the civilians of Kashmir to speak and act against the army. Such politicians are not afraid of anyone as politicians in India hardly get caught for their actions and those who do are not punished to that extent. This is one of the prime reasons because of which Kashmir issue has not yet been resolved.

Nowadays, stone pelters group has popped up because of which it has become harder to resolve this issue. Our military is more than capable of handling stone pelters but it is the lack of political will that is stopping them from taking action. Some politicians who are in support of these stone pelters argue these as the youth who have got distracted and have indulged themselves in these anti-national activities because of the cruelties committed by the army in the region. Such shameful politicians instead of supporting the army condemn the army. To derive it simply, let these anti-national elements do whatever they want to against the country, but we are not going to take strict action against them but devise a defensive strategy against them. In other words, it is good to be a terrorist and anti-nationalist rather than being in the army and serving the nation. Politicians will not support the action taken by the army as opposing such anti-national activists(regarded as an innocent youth) will not garner them any votes.

Talking of the separatists, these are those junk of people who would have been flushed out of any other country in the world even Pakistan. These people don't believe Kashmir to be a part of India. These desires of a separate state are just slaves of Pakistan who are continuously funded to disrupt peace in the valley. These people demand freedom (Azaadi) from India and knowing that Kashmir is an integral part of India. They just want to linger on the main issue and distract people by demanding a separate state status of Kashmir. My suggestion to the government is to let these so called separatists and anti-national elements know their place and kick them out of the country. An anti-national law should be framed as such so that anyone who speaks against the nation or indulges in any anti-national activities even once by any means would be entitled to rigorous life imprisonment. For those who instigate people against the country should be given Capital punishment. Let these jihadis know that India will not let anyone hamper its interests at any cost. A message should be sent loud and clear to those supporting these utter stupids that everyone who is against the country will not be spared at any cost. In addition to it, the Kashmiri people should be relocated to other parts of India and should be given all the facilities that are required for the well-being of people. In this way, we will at least have to deal only with the terrorists and these terrorists will have no support from any anti-national element. As a result, it would be much easier to identify these terrorists and take them to their fate.

But the fact remains, do our politicians have the political will to do this and settle this issue once and for all?

Only time will tell.

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