No More Nirbhaya, Please

Janci Rani | 18-May-2017

We are living in a world, which is aiming to construct a town on Mars but here, we are still hooked up within a country where the security of woman is still nil always unanswered.

Where is the fault ??

Women is not a feeble sex. She is made weaker. We made her weaker. Women are capable of everything but the society induced fear in her that she is capable of nothing and she cannot win the world alone. We induced fear in her to board a lonely bus or to hire a cab at night or to walk in a stranded road. Can you predict what are all the thoughts she fights within herself whenever she is travelling in a cab, in a stranded area? Her heart pumps out with every minute until she reaches home. 
Is this what we wish to bless our girls with?

No More Nirbhaya, Please

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An eye opener

16 December 2012. It was late at night when she (Nirbhaya) was brutally raped, harassed, tortured and murdered. What did we do?? What the nation did?? What law and orders did?? The whole country kept on discussing the issue as if their talks would bring a change in this society. We all accused the victim, questioned her character, stabbed her modesty and imposed every crime on her. "Why was she there at late night? What dress she wore?? Why she went along with her boyfriend?? Blah blah blah". People forgot that she was the victim as she was stamped as the accused of the evil implemented on her. But none ever tried to charge over the criminals. Some stood with her, raising peaceful protests which also trended in social media. But protests and shouts lasted only till their throats were dried up. Was this all enough to rest her soul in peace? Will her wounds be healed?? Will her life be retained?? 

The accused was convicted with a death sentence. That's an appreciated judgement. But why the administration took four years to implement a punishment for a criminal. Criminals punished innocents within a moment. But it takes decades to impose a penalty for the felonious.

In the meantime, none have any idea of how many Nirbhaya has been killed within those four years. If the laws were enacted immediately, it would have eventually suppressed the inhuman acts as it imbibes fear in those dirty minds of criminals.

Not a full stop, but a comma.

Meanwhile, Jisha- a law student was killed in the same way brutally. Rather than being a social issue against a woman, it was brought under the discussions of casteism, when the news was implied under the headline of "Dalit raped and murdered". Aftermath, #justiceforjisha trended in every social site. Was it of any use?? Was the judgement for Jisha delivered?? The answer always remained a NO. This brutality was hidden under the media who were busy in covering up elections. Where we are leading to and which should be protected?? Life of a girl or the corrupted politicians.

Laws for victims, not criminals.

Eventually, another Jisha and Nirbhaya lined up. But We are still drained with the laws where a person is mature enough to rape and murder but not mature enough to be punished behind bars. Laws should be rewritten to punish the criminal even before the heat of the news dies off. Murderers should be punished brutally just before the victim is buried or burnt.

"Judgement delayed is always a judgement denied". 

We cannot afford any more Jisha or Nirbhaya. Girls don't need dance classes to groom themselves. But teach them martial arts to protect them on their own. Sex education should be supplemented in every syllabus so that the children can learn to respect their opposite sex. Parents should always keep a track on their children, and they should never hesitate to have such talks with their children.

What is real freedom ??

Real freedom is when a woman can inhale fresh air at 2 am on a long highway without any spark of fear of the society or without any lusty eyes examining her. Freedom is not just enjoying but the independence of enjoying without any hesitation or fear of the perspective of the society.

Be the change

We, the people, are busy in sitting in a closed room far far away from the reality and brooding over the dead past. (You can't change your past at least try to change the future of our nation and the fate of millions of women with dreams).

Get out from your home and step into the real world. Your virtual world is more different from the reality. (Man, embrace yourself to face this reality. It is crueller than your nightmare). Just posting an awareness message and trending a hashtag on social media is never a solution and it's not going to turn any stones in this evil stricken society. Join hands to fight against this evil to secure woman. Time doesn't wait, and we may be unaware that at this minute another Nirbhaya would have been raped and wrapped in a suitcase, somewhere in the nook of the nation.

No more Nirbhaya, please.

Gear up, jump in and start yourself. Lead the crowd and be the leader, if no one else does. Be the change you want to see in the world. The nation needs every one of you.

No offence, the next Nirbhaya or Jisha may be in your household too.

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