Unsafe Roads????

Rachna Singh | 18-May-2017

Every morning when we pick up the newspaper, there are numerous incidents of road crashes. Innocent lives are lost or maimed for life due to no fault of theirs. India, being a developing nation is experiencing such a huge number of deaths due to road accidents that it has become a matter of grave concern for the government. If we take a look at the statistics, then we find that it portrays a very gruesome picture before us. In the year 2013 itself more than 137,000 people lost their lives in road crashes (Source: sites.ndtv.com). Why have the roads of our country become so unsafe? We really need to ponder over this question and find a remedy to it.

Unsafe Roads

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We as citizens, have to understand that each and every life is precious. To become a developed nation, all essential amenities should be available for one and all. Pothole-free roads are a must for making the road's accident-free. The government should undertake proper maintenance. Adequate lighting, traffic signals are certain pointers which should be maintained as well as checked at regular intervals.

Another reason of the roads being unsafe is drunk driving. When one drinks and drives, he/she might feel that they are not speeding and have the car in their control. But mostly this does not happen. One might also feel drowsy while driving. All these lead to road crashes which might turn fatal. One should never drink and drive. If need be cab should be taken. When someone who has been drinking takes on the wheels, then they put the lives of pedestrians as well as other motorists in danger along with their own.

Rash driving is one of the main causes of road crashes. Youngsters and adrenaline junkies feel the instantiated need for speed in their life, especially while driving. Having a little care for their own life, as well as that of others they blindly follow this exciting adventure.

Least adherence to the traffic rules is another cause of road accidents. People tend to forget that time is no doubt precious, but life is way more important. One cannot afford to ignore the traffic rules as these are made for our own safety. Everybody should follow the traffic rules with utmost zeal.

According to the survey undertaken by the government, twenty-five percent of the total deaths caused by road accidents are by bikes and scooters (Source: sites.ndtv.com). Bikers and scooterists do not follow the traffic safety guidelines of wearing the helmet while driving. The absence of good quality helmets in the market with proper protective measures is another cause of concern.

Uttar Pradesh, the largest state of our nation witnesses the maximum number of road crash deaths as two people die every hour due to road accidents. Tamil Nadu is the state wherein most of the road accident injuries occur. The top ten cities with most deaths because of road accidents are – Delhi, Chennai, Jaipur, Bengaluru, Mumbai, Kanpur, Lucknow, Agra, Hyderabad and Pune (Source: sites.ndtv.com).

Though the city of Kolkata does not come into the top ten cities, yet many road crashes occur regularly. Recently, a famous model turned actor/TV presenter Sonika Chauhan passed away after she met with a brutal road accident in the wee hours of 29th April 2017. A petrifying example of young and talented life lost on the roads just like many others.

Life is precious and one just can’t let a life be lost due to the fault of some stubborn people. Each and every person has to be responsible. Earlier, the bystanders or witnesses of accidents would be complacent in helping the victims as they feared harassment at the hands of the police or the accused. But now, the witnesses need not worry as the Supreme Court of India has made it mandatory that the police cannot harass any witness and if the need arises then the police have to provide protection to the witnesses too.

Following the traffic safety rules, immediate and proper medical services being made available can help us in saving lives in case of nasty road accidents. Stringent measures and harsher punishments should be implemented by the government to make the roads a much safer place for all. This will, in turn, lead to a restoration of the common man’s faith in the government, law-keepers, traffic system and humanity at large.

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