Perks of autumn

Saurabh Kumar | 20-May-2017

Light green, dark green, yellow and brownish. It was the time to dispatch from the branch where it was born - the leaf!

Like the life cycle of life, leaf suffered too. It was newly born in spring and nicely raised by the branches in summer. Danced in the showers of rain and rotten by the end of monsoon. Finally, it was autumn - the time of departure. Leaves were all set to sparkle different shades and fading stiffness portrayed the loneliness which the tree was going to suffer throughout the winter. 

Perks of autumn

It's said that we learn from nature- the way trees provide oxygen, food and shelter to us selflessly as the mother does. Weather depicts the constant change in life and the pleasant feeling within the heart when we see a rainbow after a strong storm like the happiness after a load of work. The way an ugly caterpillar turns into a beautiful butterfly, our life gets better too.

Same way, the life of a leaf teaches us a lot.  We are born in the glorious era of breeze, fragrance and charm which is termed as spring- the beautiful childhood. Eventually, we enter the summer season when we learn to survive in the hot heat of the sun and grow with its warmth i.e. the lessons which we learn after a course of struggle and turn out to be mature. After being prepared in the heat, finally, we encounter the showers of happiness and blessings.  The dancing of leaves in the rain like the gift of a good time after tough time. Finally, the autumn arrives, when the leaves outrage different colours and drop to the ground.

It is significant to understand that it's not the end. The leaf decomposes and the soil absorbs it in itself and again through branches, it reaches where it was!

Autumn is letting go the old scars and sufferings and cleaning our soul within and allowing the new fresh leaves to decorate the appearance of our soul and to bring a season of satisfaction, love and care; the way branches do to those leaves.

Getting drowned in the fragrance of new leaves and flowers to cherish ourselves is what we are supposed to do instead of holding up that past which has already rotten and those flower portraying memories that have been eaten up by those tiny insects. Let them fall and get away from,  and let the new thoughts grow within yourselves and make you feel majestic. 

Every autumn when the leaves fall, let your insecurities, negativity, misunderstandings and the hard feelings that you've been holding on since long let flow away and gets reborn in the form of positivity and optimism.  

Enjoy the beauty of falling leaves and see the spring approaching, hold on, better days will come soon. Whenever your life feels rotten, you need to organise an autumn and the mesmerising feelings of spring will hit you soon. Let yourself spend a course of time without those series of thoughts and stop judging yourself as the trees do in winter. But remember, in a way to reach spring, you need to go through the autumn - The Searby on of letting go!

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