Ray of Hope - Spring

Nida Saqib | 21-May-2017

Spring is the season when new bud takes birth. Tiny flowers take their first step into this cruel world to make it little bright with different colours. Trees blossom with decorated earnings and necklaces. Grass dance on enormous rhythms. Grown up try to stand high to protect yet to be born. Everyone holds each other's hand to bring harmony in the breeze. The tree spreads fresh air for people to inhale peace into their lungs and know the spirit of understanding.

Ray Of Hope - Spring

When autumn takes away all the colours of these souls, spring brings with it, even more, brighter colours. Just like life when we lose all the things and are left with nothing to go for we get our rain of hope and spring bring the colours in our life to play with.

Spring heals the wound of autumn. Slowly and effectively it boosts out the broken soul to be whole. We just need to be patient and wait for our spring and rain to get the best colours of our life which we deserve. Our life also witnesses seasons which are there to keep balance with each other. We can't bear rain all the time. Hence ocean will overflow, like happiness, all the time will lose its charm. Summer for twelve months will bring drought, like sorrows all the time will break our soul to the core. Winter all the weeks will bring temperature low to kill the human existence, like coldness in our soul will take away our life. Just like that, we need all the seasons on earth as well in our life. Spring is that season will bring light and hope with surprise gifts for the patience we hold.

Spring give live to every single thing including new animals which trouble us than with their voices. Mosquitoes give us love bites while grasshopper sings melodious songs for us to enjoy no matter even if are sleeping. They are gonna make love to us and sing songs for us only to wake up in the middle of our important sleep. At times they need attention while we are up to something important. But we are helpless we need to give them attention no matter how better we know that they are mere attention seekers.

But jokes apart spring is the best season to heal everything from broken heel to soul. That slow, sweet breeze flows through every inch of its way in such a way that that even tiny wound there gets healed. It not only heals the wound but also fills the soul with enthusiasm to do something out of the world or at least something which you thought that that task is impossible. Spring brings a lot of flavours along with it to decorate even the darkness with a tiny yellow beam. Even nights become so mesmerising during spring; clouds roam like lost soul healing their twins, breeze flow to add romantic fragrance for the love birds, grass adds softness on the rough ground for the wanderers to rest when tired and flowers add colours to spread the essence of happiness. When your eyes witness something that soothes your soul, your lips carve the most beautiful smile to heal your own inner world while spreading that positive energy around your outer world.

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