Women Empowerment

Shraddha Jain | 21-May-2017

Today everywhere everybody is talking about feminism, women empowerment and their equality but we fail every time because we every time try to change the culture, the society but instead need to change our mentality our thinking, which we have about women in our community. We always talk that they should feel free, safe but what they exactly got? Cheap comments on their dresses from males and even from women too. What a sick mentality? Why we try to teach girls how to dress? Teach the men how to see girls. Why always we see cheapness in her skirts and not in a males lusty eyes.

The woman is always woman it doesn't matter what she wears. She is always entitled to be treated with respect. We need to teach boys to keep shameless in our eyes instead of cheapness. I read a line somewhere, once a short dress asked to a burqa "was it really my fault", The burqa replied, "no it happened with me too".

There is no matter what a woman wear, but they victimised in all conditions.

In our society, many people think that its the mistake of only a girl when she is raped. Even women think same, This is really very shameful to get such kind of allegations in her pain. Women are also equally responsible for pinching needles on her mind, of her soul. A rapist maltreatments kills her only by the body, but we keep torturing her mentally. A rapists knife is always less sharp than her parents and relatives words to remain silent.

A girl is killed only once by a rapist but died thousand times by the allegations of people and fear how she would continue her life again in this dirty society whereas a rapist wanders freely even after doing such a brutal crime and the victim girl has to hide her face from the world. In India, people teach girls "don't get raped" rather India teach the boys "Don't Rape".

I suggest all women you are a diamond. No one can break you. Neither steals your shine. They can only try to cover you up to overcome you. So not just pretty, but pretty tough give them the answer of every maltreatment. 

A queen is always a queen no one can rule on her. You are the strongest creation of God. You have the power to create, nurture and transform and also the power to be disastrous. In India, women don't know what they exactly are? They are unaware of the power which hidden inside them. We can't imagine how much pain a woman has to bear by males, by our society. There are such examples of it. In Muslim community a man who wishes to separate from his wife, he can easily do so without any jurisdiction process and even without the consent of his wife too. He can be easily free from the financial responsibilities which he bears by saying the word "Talaq talaq talaq". The wife has no right to stop him or has no power to challenge his decision. For a man, a female is like a toy. When he finds suitable, he kept her and when not he kicked her out of his life without thinking about her future. With no financial burden on him, he is completely free to throw out his responsibility by the word "talaq". The only word can change her life completely. And the irony is that the man is allowed to take her back either verbally saying "I accept you as my wife without having an intimate relation with her between Iddat period".

What the rubbish is this. Is women a kind of plaything? He can mould herself as he wants. If he likes her, he can keep her and if not kicks her out. And the biggest joke is that if he feels sorry, he can take his decision back and use her again as her property. 

"Dear society my body is not your property" just stop it to being my God.

"Names don't make any difference!

*Ram and Ravan*

One abducted her & the other abandoned. 

And the shameful thing is that now when Muslim women want to challenge this decision in high court, the whole Muslim community is opposing it and make it a prestigious issue. Is this the women empowerment??? Which we talk about well when we talk about the so-called male prestige. I want to say today's women that "don't be the girl who needs the man be a girl who a man wants". I want to mention one more thing to expand on it,  the live example of an Indian story of women empowerment "the honour killing". "The Khaap panchayats" of India. It is also called shame killing. When a family member especially a girl. Because always a girl has to carry the tag on her head that she is the prestige of her family. And if she will do anything which is not right in the eyes of her family or society than the prestige of her family will be ruined. 

Now shame killing is the kind of murder which has done by family members. When a girl is dishonour or brought shame upon her family or has violated the principles of society or religion community. She can be targeted for various reasons as refusing to arrange marriage or being in a relationship that one is disapproved by their family, becoming a victim of rape, seeking divorce even from an abusing husband. 

Even mere the perception that a female has behaved in the way that ruins prestige of her family is sufficient to trigger an attack on her life.

Why always a woman to pay for others frustration, uncounseled anger? Why has she no right to refuse or choose anybody? Why does it cost her by losing her beauty or sacrificing her life? Why has she to bear anger over rejection? Why doesn't she has the right to keep her choice on priority? Why is it to line her in the limit? Why we decide her character by her clothes and not by her behaviour? I m unable to understand why is it most shameful to be raped than a be a rapist? Why always a victim woman hide in dark rooms while a rapist revolves around with the same dignity? 

Don't you think, so it is unfair to force a girl to wear a burqa before leaving home? Why we force her while it is evil in the eyes of the male? Why don't we force a man to keep their eyes pure? 

When we see a girl smoking on the street, we stare at her, but when a girl gets raped on the street, we become blind. Why so! 

I think the biggest problem of society is *women*. Society always worries and is busy to keep an eye on what she wears? Where she goes? Whom does she meet? If she is single they have a problem, if she is in a relationship, then they also mind. If she is quite she is good when she speaks she becomes mannerless. We always keep ourselves busy in creating controversies, doing useless discussions about maltreatments with women . Once I heard this lines from an acid attacked women "you are my superhero and you can't give up ", she said to herself while looking at her acid attacked face in the mirror".

We should think seriously about women's conditions in India. We have already passed 60 years of freedom in discussions and arguments on all issue above discussed. But have we done enough? Do we care enough about women?Now it's time to take firm steps towards making a decision. 

I am not saying that there is no improvement, but the speed of development is very slow as a tortoise. Now, We need to increase speed like a cheetah. The laws however for sure 'too late' might also be 'too little' un their current state. In some loopholes remain in progress.

Now it's time to leave all arguments, opposing worthless issues and rethink towards the betterment of feminism development.

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